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House of Blues, Anaheim - Concert Reports

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Andrew on: November 20, 2007, 06:50:32 AM

Seen Puffy's concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim? Give us your review of the show and stories of your trip.

Here's a picture from Puffy's official website of their rehearsal for the Anaheim show:

alkulp on: November 20, 2007, 10:25:44 AM

The first thing about this show I noticed (while standing outside with a "P.A.Y.World.com" sign) was that the crowd was strinkingly different from the L.A. show. I'd estimate 80% asian (japanese?). At the L.A. show I'd put asians in the minority (I'd estimate 30%). Plus there were a lot more people attending. Again, I'm guessing in the 400-500 range (about double that of Hollywood). House of Blue's was substantially larger than the Key Club and it was much more full. I don't think there was any seating, although it did look like some people were on stools near the bar along the side.

Since I had seen the show in Hollywood and since my main goal was to meet someone from this website I wasn't in a hurry to get a good 'seat'/location. Plus since seeing over most everyone isn't a problem (not being height challenged) I was content to stand near the entrance (stage right (Ami) near the back). I was hoping someone would say 'hello', but no one did. I did sort of get hit on by this Japanese women as the crowd was filing out - I think she wanted some attention... But, despite what the shirt said, I had other plans and wasn't really interested.

The show opened (unannouncedly) with Linus of Hollywood (just like L.A.), or as he put it "Linus of Anaheim - tonight". He played several of the same songs as the L.A. show, but then 'got the signal' - I could see some guy's hand just off stage left (Yumi) flash 5 fingers and Linus acknowledge without missing a beat in the current song. Before the next song, he said this would be the last of the night - Guess Puffy wanted an early ending tonight! One other note, Linus wasn't giving away his Album tonight, but they were for sale. Actually, I kind of wish I would have bought the other he had available... (oh, well)

I could tell there would be no 2nd act as 'Puffy the Monster' shirts quickly set about the stage affixing carpets, setting mics, etc.

First to come out was Jet (the drummer) followed shortly by the rest of the band... The crowd started screaming, clapping, and generally making noise. Then out come Ami and Yumi. Ami wearing a 'skeleton' T-shirt and Yumi with a pink baggy shirt with a big round silver spot on the front. Angus, one of the guitar players was wearing a 'beanie boy' cap (multicolor with a propeller on top). He was spinning it and having fun. They opened with Boom, Boom, beat followed by Tokyo I'm on my way... The girls were more active than on Friday. Guess a day off really helped. Or maybe, that is was the last show in N.A.... Buy everyon was really UP for the show!!! Angus was jumping like an olympic vaulter - that guy was getting some serious air! Shigowa, the other guitarist, was clearly having a good time - a huge smile on his face everytime he got to 'come up front and play for the crowd! He was really rockin' it! Ami and Yumi were all over the place and really seemed to be enjoying the crowd much more! Although I couldn't see the keyboardist, both the bass player and Jet (drums) seemed to be into the show also.

During their 'talks with the audience' Ami and Yumi said they had the day off yesterday and that they ate vietnamese food for lunch (got some cheers from the audience), and that they didn't get to go to Disneyland only arriving a few hours before the show. Ami said she bought 2 watches at the Disney store located just outside. Yumi didn't talk very much... Maybe she was trying to catch her breath, cause she was bounding around so much. Yumi really had the attitude tonight. Playing with the audience several times. Especially during the "Teen Titans" song. She was really proding us to sing the course. So cute out on the center stage with "You can do better - let me hear it!" look on her face. Oh yeah, and at the end of the Mogura dance Yumi and Ami made an "O (Yumi) C (Ami)" - for "Orange County". Many people probably missed it as it was really quick and noticable. One bad thing, it was difficult to hear Ami telling some of her 'tales' - so if anyone else heard what she said, please let us know.

There was no raising the level during this show... It was all out from the get-go and everyone seemed to really be enjoying it... It was grand Puffy. A good time had by all.

Andrew on: November 20, 2007, 05:47:12 PM

Here is another review linked to my MySpace page by "Boykun". As requested here is his original link: nandake.com.

Boykun's Review:

Commemorating their 10th studio album, ghoneycreeperh, Japanfs forefront pop pair, the collective duo known as PUFFY, came over to the west coast for the November leg of their honeysweeper tour. Puffy AmiYumi, as they are known in the US, is no stranger to playing live shows in the West. After all, they had a damn cartoon show made after them. This attracted all kinds of gfansh to the show, ranging from kids to older people, who were probably the parents of those kids. Sadly I wasnft too surprised when I saw this assemblage. I donft want to say it was a bad show, but I was quite disappointed at the experience and outcome.

The venue was the House of Blues Anaheim, located in Disneylandfs shopping district, Downtown Disney. I had the chance to cut the line by eating in the restaurant beforehand, and was among a small group of people who were let in the music hall a couple minutes early. This was their last show on the US tour, and I wish it could have been better for them. I had the perfect spot at the front, so whatfs wrong with me. Did PUFFY just suck that much? No. PUFFY was great. The crowd, however, was horrible. It was by far the worst crowd I have ever been a part of. Most of them only knew of PUFFY from the cartoon. It was what I was afraid of, the floor consisting of little kids and their parents. I expected a lot jumping, dancing, chanting, and maybe a little pushing, just like the usual PUFFY crowd. Instead, it was the opposite. There was no energy coming from the floor, save from the few people scattered around who actually knew their songs. The House of Blues did not permit any photography at all during the show, and that added with the lame audience got me kind of frustrated.

Despite all that crap, I enjoyed the performance, PUFFY put on a very good show. The band was great and the duo sang well. As the name implies, most of the songs were off the new album. The driving rhythm of gboom boom beath started off the show to much of the crowdfs delight, but they were soon lost in itfs foreign sound and turned pretty static. Each block of songs were separated by a short MC, where the two would talk a little about their adventures as they read from their notes. I was quite surprised at how well Ami spoke English and literally said gOh shit-h as she started talking. Totally unexpected. Yumi wasnft as fluent, but she provided some funnies. They took turns reading from their notes and prompted some responses from the crowd. Not to mention, they both looked really good. For a pair whofs in their thirties, they looked 18. I canft overlook their band either, those guys were working really hard to get the crowd involved, even more so than PUFFY themselves. The MC were followed by a track from the new album, featuring the popular gKuchibiru Motionh and the oriental ladenc gOriental Diamondh. Among the set list were a few songs from the previous album, Splurge. Two of the roadies joined PUFFY on stage, readied with sunglasses, helmets, and Mickey gloves to help with the dance on gMogura Likeh. The cover of Green Dayfs gBasket Caseh rocked the hall as lights lit it with red. There was finally some pretty good crowd interaction as they introduced their band members during the break of the head bang inducing gYoukai PUFFYh. The once stationary crowd finally let loose for the two songs they only knew, gHi Hih(from the cartoon) and the Teen Titans Theme. The mood was just right for the bouncy pop of gCloset Full of Loveh as the set winded down to itfs last few songs. Instant classics were included and I was happy to be doing the punching motions with gNagisa ni Matsuwaru Etosetorah and struggled to sing along on gAsia no Junshinh, their staple closing song. It took only two minutes for them to return for an encore, but only gave us one more song, despite a guy confidently suggesting them to do five. After one last song, the seven of them took time for a bow as the audience applauded a good show.

The merchandise sold pretty fast after the show, but I managed to grab a towel before it started. I didnft bother waiting around, but apparently some people got to have a little chat with Ami and Yumi. It was a good, solid performance. PUFFY were naturals on stage and are still going strong after 12 years. I still walked out of there pretty disappointed. They deserved a much better crowd than that. And screw the House of Blues with that no photography crap! I felt like I walked out of that show with nothing. But whatever, I finally got a towel, and I was really close. I would go see them again for sure, but in Japan.

timwamoonface on: November 20, 2007, 05:56:16 PM

ANAHEIM was amazing. My second (and hopefully not last time) seeing PUFFY. I was bummed out that they didn't have honeycreeper available or the towels! I wanted those so bad! Despite that, i was able to pick up a honeysweeper shirt and keychains. OH and I forgot to mention! It's not as good as Jeff's signed amiyumidas shirt but I caught the pick from the guitarist...forgot his name...he was on Yumi's side. I was also able to ask the soundstage people for the set list. They didn't understand me the first time, but I got it! Here are the songs they played at the Anaheim venue (and probably at the others):

boom boom beat
Tokyo I'm On My Way
Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etc.
Kuchiburu Motion
Joining a Fan Club
Teen Titans Theme
Mogura Like
Kimi to Ootobai
Radio Tokyo
Closet Full of Love
Youkai PUFFY
Oriental Diamond
Basket Case
Jet Police
Akai Buranko (Red Swing)
Hi Hi
Asia no Junshin
Encore: Sakitto no Musume

best night i've had in a long time! I loved it when the band members were putting up the West Coast gesture!!! Hilarious!

PUFFYROCKS on: November 20, 2007, 09:28:15 PM

I went there with my 2 friends who I were trying to introduce to Puffy AmiYumi. They enjoyed the show very much. No pictures but Ami was wearing black shirt with a skeleton on it and Yumi was wearing a very stylish loose pink shirt. I think I might've been too late but they didn't have honeycreeper on sale. Ami and Yumi were very lively. They were smiling a lot and dancing really good. I also think that their voices are a lot cuter live than in their videos or CD's. They were kind of boxing during electric beach fever, doing the mole dance, and showed their claws during Youkai puffy. My favorite performance was Youkai puffy because I liked the song and they were introducing the band members during the ami-yumi-ami-yumi part. True, the audience wasn't as rowdy as they should have been. Puffy deserves more but I blame the opening band. Cheesy I was cheering my butt off though. The best, funnest day of my life ever!!!!!!!!!!! I think Ami was looking at me a lot of the time Grin

Andrew on: November 21, 2007, 12:51:04 PM

For Alkulp, Timwamoonface, PUFFYROCKS, eddiefb3, cvc, amrayu, Wonderboy923, Antennas to heaven, Dai, Cerahbes and all the other reviewers...

On this Thanksgiving Day Eve let me say "Thanks for the all reviews!" For those of us who didn't get to see Puffy this tour, it's been great reading your stories and impressions of the concerts. Thanks for taking the time to give us a taste!

dhcloud on: November 21, 2007, 04:22:48 PM

I noticed that Puffy was going to be at the House of Blues on the HOB newsletter I get, and bought tickets as soon as they went on sale. I missed the last time they were on the west coast and was not going to miss it again. As I have a season pass to Disneyland, I decided to go early, park for free and get some shopping done for xmas before the show. I got in line about 6:30 and noticed the line was half full. By the time they were letting us in, the line was easily double what the roped queue could hold. I knew not to bring my camera, as last time I went to see them at the House of Blues on Sunset, they made me put in back in the car. This time they had a locked cabinet to hold them for you. But I still don't understand why they will not allow cameras. Video cameras and audio recorders, I can understand, but still cameras... Anyways, they started letting everyone in around 7:05 and the wait for the concert to start began.

My girlfriend and I opted for a spot on the left side against the outer railing. We were close enough, had something to lean against and didn't have to worry about someone tall standing in front of us. I browsed the merch table and seeing as all they had where the three US cds, I picked up the Honeysweeper shirt and the key covers. While waiting, I was looking at the schedules lying around and noticed that "Linus in Hollywood" was their opening act.

A little after 8, the curtains opened and Linus in Hollywood began to play. They stated that "they were Linus in Anaheim tonight". They played a mixture of slow stuff and a few upbeat songs, nothing that made me want to buy their cd, but decent. After what seemed like forever (knowing Puffy was coming up after made time seem forever) they announced their last song, thanked everyone and left the stage. It took about 10 minutes for Puffy's stage crew to clear Linus in Hollywood's instruments, bring out the guitars for Puffy's band, tune the guitars, tape down the rugs and bring out the mics. I noticed that the upstairs area was packed around the edge looking down and the 1st floor was packed as well.

As Puffy came on to a bunch of cheers, they started their set. Every couple songs they would pick up their notepads, talk with the crowd and introduce songs from their new album. The first thing I noticed is how much Ami's English has improved. They discussed things they did before the concert (ate Vietnamese food, Ami bought two watches at the World of Disney and showed off one of them on her wrist and stated that they did not have time to go to Disneyland). At first, most of the crowd was just watching, almost no interaction, dancing, head bobbing, singing except for the first row or so. It showed a bit that Yumi was trying hard to get some participation during the Teen Titan theme song and was getting pitiful results from the crowd, which made me think why are they even there if they aren't going to enjoy the music. However, I noticed that the crowd did become a little more animated after the Teen Titans song and as the show went on.

They ended with Asia no Junshin as usual and came out for an encore wearing the tour shirts as they have always done. Sadly they only played one song, even though they laughed when someone in the audience suggested 5 more songs.

The band was really having fun, and you can tell they were enjoying themselves up there. I had clear view of all, except the bass player, he was in and out of my view. The guitarist on Yumi's side was full of energy all night, jumping, kicking, just enjoying himself. He came out with a propeller hat and always ended up knocking it off anytime he tried to spin it. The guitarist on Ami's side did an excellent job. He was a great guitar player and just loved his solos, and the crowd did as well. The drummer was excellent as well, even added some vocals as well as doing a great job on the drums. The keyboardist was a bit of clown, from wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and playing with one hand to doing westside signs when being introduced. Overall, it was obvious that the band was having as much fun as they could up there.

Great concert, at the end they joked that the tour will continue in Japan and everyone should come and see them there as well. I was a little disappointed that there where no flyers for the tour there. As I like to keep the flyer and the tickets for all the concerts I have been to. Does anyone know if there are even flyers for this tour, I don't want to search eBay if they never were made. If not, I think there was an e-mail sent around with the Honeycreeper cover with the dates, I could just print that on gloss postcard stock and that would work.

Andrew on: November 23, 2007, 01:22:13 PM

Here is what Ami said about the show in her blog:

And the last day, Anaheim, was the perfect place to end this US/Canada tour. We had gone to the Disney store before the show, so we were all totally hyper the rest of the day. AmiYumi were so hyper from the excitement of going to the stores but the audience was even more hyper that we had thought maybe they went to the Disney store too. It was hard to imagine that it was the first time performing in Anaheim and although alot happened, Anaheim was seriously the perfect location to end this tour!

Thank you to everyone that came to all the shows!! We're so thankful and it's really hard to express with words. So we're gonna keep working our best to keep on performing great shows, and when we do, please come.

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