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San Francisco - Concert Reports

Original Page.

amrayu on: November 19, 2007, 02:25:27 AM

I'm new to this board and I just wanted to sign up to post my experience about the San Francisco HoneySweeper concert.

As many know, the location was switched from the Filmore to Slim's. I guess this was better in the end because the Filmore is further away from my workplace.

The doors opened at 7:00PM and I was planning to come a lot earlier to stand in line. I saw B'z in concert (a few years ago) at the Filmore and the line was crazy! But I ended up at the doors around 7:25PM. To my amazement, there were no lines and there were probably 20-30 people inside the avenue.

The crowd was rather mixed. There were the typical anime otakus, a few kids with their parents (fans of the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi cartoon), and a handful of Japanese natives. The age range was probably around 10 years old to people in their 50s. A majority of the fans looked like they were in their 20s though.
Off on the side, vendors were selling Puffy merchandise and CDs. The opening act, Modern Machine, also had their CDs and merchandise at the table.

Here's what was available at the table:

-- I bought this.

They also had several CDs for sale. I bought "An Illustrated History" for $20. Honeycreeper was available for $25.
The first 40 who bought CDs received Puffy's autograph.

The opening act was "Modern Machine." Their music wasn't too bad, but all I wanted to see was Puffy. During the opening act, the floor was pretty open and I had lots of room to breathe. Cheesy But as soon as they finished, people started bombarding the floor. I was standing pretty close to the stage on the right side. I was probably 5 feet away from Ami.

Puffy's band came on the stage first. One guitarist, one bassist, one drummer, and one keyboardist. Finally, Ami and Yumi joined them on stage! The crowd started whooping and yelling including myself. Ami was wearing a black tank top that read "Socs Got Gold Socks," in gold lettering. She wore a pink tank top underneath that and some gray capri-like pants. Her hair was long and wavy and worn down as usual. Yumi looked just as cute in a faded red tank with Bugs Bunny on the front. She also opted for some capri-like pants and she wore her hair like Ami's.

They went right into a song as soon as they stepped on stage. After that song, they pulled out their little notepads and started talking to the crowd in English. My memory is a little fuzzy right now, but here's what I remember them saying throughout the whole concert in between songs:

They introduced themselves in English and Ami started talking.

Ami said that they were in Canada and Seattle before San Francisco. They said the weather was rather cold there compared to San Francisco. They liked the San Francisco weather even though Seattle and Canada were probably closer to Tokyo's weather right now.

She said that it's been 2 years that they've been in San Francisco and that they were glad to be back. Yumi said they had a good dinner last night. Ami nodded and said, yes it was delicious. Someone in the crowd asked, Where? Ami and Yumi didn't answer. Yumi read from her notepad: They went to Chinatown for lunch that day and had DOMSOM. I yelled and said DIMSUM! And Yumi muttered some things in japanese as she looked over her notepad, and she said, Oh! DIMSUM! It was very good. The crowd laughed.

In another talk: Ami said that they just recently did a photo shoot for Gap. Some girls in the crowd had photos of Puffy from the shoot and raised their photos. Yumi was a little shocked and said, Yes! That one! She then asked the girls, "Doko kara moratta?" -- Where did you guys get that? The girls were a little clueless and just shouted, We love you! in English. Yumi in Japanese said, "I don't even have it!" Ami then started talking about their merchandise that they were selling in the back. Ami said, if you buy our CDs the first 60 (it was really 40) who buy a CD will receive and pre-autographed card from Puffy. I raised my card up as they said that and waved it around. Ami and Yumi in unison said, "Sou sou!" -- Yes, yes. Yumi pointed right at me when she said that. Grin

Ami then talked about their current album. "Our new album is called Honeycreeper. It is only released in Japan right now not in America." As soon as she said that, the crowd boo'd and moaned. Ami and Yumi laughed and then Ami said, "BUT! The CD is available for sale here after the concert." And the crowd applauded.
Introductions: Yumi and Ami both introduced the band.

On guitar was ShigeO aka. ShigeWO. Ami told us to put emphasis on the WO.

On drums was Jet? aka. Jet! Ami couldn't think of an AKA for Jet so she just repeated his name.

I forget the other band member names, but for one person, Ami said, AKA Eringi. Yumi laughed and said, Eringi? The crowd yelled Eringi! Ami said to us in English, Eringi is a type of mushroom.

Ami also liked to poke fun at the band members ages. For the guitarist, she said, he is old! Older than me. Yumi said to Ami in japanese, Don't say that! Ami also did the same to 2 other members. For the drummer, she said, he is the oldest out of the group. It was very cute how she was teasing them.

Some time during one of the talk segments, Yumi was re-counting something in Japanese and interrupted Ami in the process. Yumi said something about standing at the edge of the stage and how she almost fell. Ami said that she tried that also and they shared a laugh. Since this was all in Japanese, not many people in the crowd understood. Ami and Yumi both said, Sorry! We're sorry and gomen nasai because they were speaking in Japanese.

I was surprised that they did a cover of one of Greenday's songs. They sang it relatively well and the whole crowd was jumping to it because almost everyone knew that song.

During the Asia no junshin song, one of the guitarists played the keyboard (the kind that sounds like a harmonica? organ?) and wore the panda headgear that Puffy wore in their PV Oriental Diamond. He also had a panda puppet.
During another song (I forget what the title was), they had 2 big buff Japanese guys wearing the "Puffy is Monster" T shirts, and yellow construction helmets come on the stage. They also were wearing sunglasses. During that song the guys were dancing with Puffy.

Asia no junshin was the last song and Puffy and team left the stage. The crowd wanted more and yelled in japanese, Onkoru (encore) repeatedly. Eventually, Puffy came back on stage looking all refreshed. Ami was wearing the amiyumidas HIT FUN shirt over her existing shirt.

They performed and the crowd went wild. At the end, Ami and Yumi re-introduced the band members again. This time around with some faint music in the background. After each band member's name, the crowd chanted that person's name. It really brought the crowd together. Afterwards, they all linked hands and bowed. The drummer threw one of his sticks into the crowd. Drunk people stumbled over each other to grab it. Angry Some gross old dude with a long mass of gray hair drunkenly waved the stick around as his prize.

After the crowd started to disperse, the merchandise table was very crowded. Thank god, I bought a T shirt and CD already. I think all of the autographs were gone already.

Overall, the show was awesome! If they ever come back to America again, I'll be there! Puffy had lots of energy, their band had lots of energy and the crowd was pretty enthusiastic. There were a few people who were standing by me who were expressionless. Huh --which is rather weird. This concert has re-ignited my love for Puffy. ^_^ I forgot to mention that during some of their talk segments I yelled as well. My voice was hoarse later that night as a result.
My presence was known. Kiss

I'll post pictures of the merchandise I bought when I get the chance.
I hope you enjoyed reading my Puffy concert experience. I hope I posted this in the right place... My apologies in advance.

On a tangent: I'm looking for ALL of the Pa-pa-pa-puffy and Hi Hi Puffy Bu episodes. Does anyone have them? I had a few episodes of Pa-pa-pa-puffy but I have to dig for them. I'm willing to pay for them. Email or message me. Thanks.

Andrew on: November 19, 2007, 06:04:19 AM

Amrayu thanks for the detailed review and welcome to the forum!

Since we now have multiple reviews from the San Francisco show I'll repost the others here:

Wonderboy923's review:

I went to the San Francisco concert at Slim's last night, I thought it was a really good time. It did seem that their change from the Fillmore to Slim's was due to how smaller than usual the audience in attendance was, I'm not sure how big their shows are in other cities, but this felt relatively small for a Puffy live show. But I really think Slim's fit their vocals, I think if it were in a bigger place their voices would be drowned out by the band. The couple rows in the front were layed out with a good amount of Japanese exchange students, though in total, not many Japanese people in general (weird for a city like San Francisco), though I liked how there was a couple of old grannies standing in the audience. Like a lot of venues, they requested no photography of any sort, the worker took away my camera...so no pictures for me sadly.

There was a starter band before Puffy performed, A Modern Machine or something, I don't know, I got there during their last song, so I didn't get their name (did anyone else get a starter band because that would stink if Puffy performed the whole show without a starter band at other venues). The actual performance was pretty awesome. Really big cheers from the crowd when Yumi and Ami came out, Yumi looked especially cute during the show with the curly hair with the front bangs, Ami looked great also with her Stay Gold shirt, I believe that's what it said. They performed for about an hour and a half and did their reading off the notes talk segments a few times (talked about Honeysweeper, Chinatown and dim sum, and their GAP advertisement, etc.) and did an encore. Surprisingly, no kids at the show, people looked actually of age. All and all, it was a good time. I think even for a smaller turnout, Puffy still got a pretty warm welcome from the crowd. I hope they enjoyed SF and hopefully the turnout didn't tarnish SF's relationship with Puffy. I read on their staff blog that Ami went to Fisherman's Wharf, if only I could have been at the Wharf at the time, I could have met her. Oh well.

re: I was digging Ami a lot before, she's just super cute, but after the Slim's live show, Yumi is growing for me a lot more. i think her long her this time is really pretty.

Antennas to heaven's review:

like wonderboy, i arrived late and they were sold out of honeycreeper cds at that point, so no autograph for me. i would have been happy with the album. i guess my d/l version will have to hold me til the US release. the support band, a modern machine, were fine, but i wasn't really feelin it. as for puffy's set, i thought it was solid until the middle part, when they played jet police. from that song til the end, man, it was like everything was dialed up and off the scale. fucking awesome. sadly, they didn't play my favorite song, that's the way it is. oh well, next time. my fave of the new tracks is youkai puffy, that track sounded great live. they also introduced the band during the middle break of youkai puffy. oh, and someone mentioned that they covered the ramones song, rock n' roll radio, but they didn't play it in SF. they played basket case, which was good, but i would have rather heard the ramones cover. i brought a couple friends who were new to puffy, and they are now converts. all in all, great gig... A+++++++++++

re: They opened with boom boom beat, which is slowly growing on me. i didn't like it much when i first picked up the single this summer.

hardmodskin on: November 21, 2007, 04:20:10 PM

Hi...thanks Andrew for inviting me to contribute my thoughts on the show.

the girls were in top form, performance-wise and the band thunderous and tight.
I was impressed with how much better their english has become in the two years since they last played san francisco at the fillmore theater.

The set list was comprised of mainly later day Puffy sonngs...though they dipped into the now dim past for four tunes, "asia no junshin" and three tracks from "jet" ( alas, no "korega watashino ikiru michi" this time)
They played some awesome renditions od "honeycreeper" tunes.

Sadly for me, I had not obtained a "honeycreeper" cd, intending to pick one up at the show, but they sold out of the cd in minutes (at $25.00 a shot, which is a bargain, considering the store price of $39.50).

Anyway, the new songs are marvelous, and I counted five...at least that's the number I recognized when I picked up "honeycreeper" yesterday (goodbye, $43.23) and played it through several times in a row.

The standout of the set was a "honeycreeper" tune...I believe track 3 on the album. Loved it live....gave me chills...

Puffy were engaging and funny as usual...they did the obligatory TV show tunes as well, which I could easily do without, but I think it's a concession to their newer (i.e. cartoon-inducted) fans that they seem to be mainstays of the set now. They didn't really do many of their own compositions this time around (I think "honeycreeper" ties with "jet" as their least Puffy-songwriting-contributed-to work in years), which was too bad.

The highlight for me was meeting and chatting with Puffy earlier in the day. They signed my Japanese versions of "nice" and "splurge".

For the record, Ami wore a t-shirt that read "SOCS STAY GOLD SOCS"....not what was reported in an earlier post.
The phrase is a reference to S.E. Hinton's novel (and Francis Ford Coppola's film) "The Outsiders". The 'Socs' are the well dressed preppy kids, and "stay gold" is the life lesson learned by one of the Socs' enemies, a "greaser" kid, and is also the central theme of the book...staying young at heart.

That aside....hopefully someone with a thorough knowledge of Japanese can post a set-list to the show.

The previous posts covered so much, I really don't have much more to add..

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Puffy at Slim's. The venue being so small was a big plus, even though they omitted many of their "classics" this time around.


hardmodskin on: November 22, 2007, 01:46:24 PM

i made use of the Puffy song finder (very handy, andrew!) to get the japanese titles. if a song has an asterisk by it that means i'm not 100% certain it was played...my memory is hazy! these arent in order either!

Asia no Jushin
Joining a Fan Club
Kimi to Ootobai
Oriental Diamond
Yokai Puffy
Kuchiburu Motion
Closet Full of Love
Boom Boom Beat
Electric Beach Fever
Jet Police
Red Swing
Teen Titans Theme
Hi Hi
Tokyo, I'm on My Way
Basket Case
Wild Girls on Circuit (this was one of the encore songs)
Oh Edo Nagarebochi IV

*radio tokyo ( i have no idea why i am remembering them doing this...but i'm not sure they did...it could be i dreamed it that night and now it's in my subconsciousness!!!)
*Tokusuru Karada (sp?)

ANYway, so that gives you a better idea of how the night went! Wink

Andrew on: November 23, 2007, 01:18:59 PM

Here is what Ami said about the show in her blog:

In San Francisco, the audience was more energetic than we imagined and thought "wow, this is crazy..." of course making it a show that I will never forget. You guys in the states have so much freedom in expression. We were really happy that so many of you guys have been waiting for us!

... Since we did the SF and LA show consecutively for 2 nights, I was worried about my voice but I was just gonna give it my all and by the end I was so into the shows that it didn't matter anymore.

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