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Yumi's Birthday Card
For Yumi's 33rd Birthday on January 30, 2008 the gang at the Puffy AmiYumi World Forum created a group Birthday Card.

Click here for the full size version: 826k (1000 by 674 pixels).

Below is the web-friendly version at 181k (800 by 539 pixels).
(Here is the original thread.)

The Puffy AmiYumi World Forum will be creating a Birthday Card for Yumi's upcoming 33rd Birthday. I will be posted it on their MySpace and Official Site. The publicity people who run those sites on Puffy's behalf might actually show Yumi something like that. So, this may be your best chance to have Yumi actually read a message from you.

If you want to have your name and birthday wishes on the group card here's what you do:

First write out a message of no more than 40 words along with what name you want signed. It would be nice if you included your city or state. If you want that special touch you could even write it out by hand. Please use a white background.

Then either post the text or pic on this forum thread or email it to me at comments.

I'll put all the wishes on the group card and post it on her birthday on January 30th. Cool huh?

If you want to help take part in designing the card checkout this forum thread.