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Quest for Fansite Number Two
Monday, December 3, 2007

Hi, I'm Andrew the webmaster of the fansite Puffy AmiYumi World. Thought I'd set up a blog to go with my site.

The latest news is I'm looking for another Japanese group to make a fansite for. Puffy AmiYumi World was my first website and done in simple HTML. Now that I'm learning some more advanced CSS stuff I think I might prefer to use it to design a new website, rather than (yikes!) redoing all 300+ pages of my Puffy site.

I was looking at Shonen Knife but according to our forum member Anthony they already have a fansite with links to the group itself. I think I might prefer a newer group with only a couple of CDs out (making song pages for each song is time consuming lol).

I was checking out Go!Go!7188 this weekend. They have a "live concert" on MySpace you can watch. Wow they can really rock. They also did some mini-tours of the US this year, some video of which you can also watch on their official website (which is very nicely done btw). Their official site also has a link (http://www.emimusic.jp/capitol/gogo7188/) where you can listen to each song from their CD "Parade." Its music I really, really like.

But there are already several fansites or general Japanese group music sites with large sections on the group (I can now see why). So I don't think yet-another Go!Go!7188 fansite is really needed. I think I'll order a couple of their CDs from CD Japan and decide then. They are definitely on the short list. Oh the conundrum.

So any suggestions?

Puffy's Official vs Fansite Alexa Rankings
Thursday, December 6, 2007

There's a lot of controversy about how accurate Alexa's internet traffic rankings are since only people who are using the Alexa toolbar are being counted. If Alexa users are representative of overall internet users then it should give a good estimate of how many people are visiting different websites. Unfortunately it's unclear if this is so (Alexa of course says it is).

But since it's free info I thought I'd do an internet traffic ranking comparison between Puffy's official English site and my fansite Puffy AmiYumi World. Here's what I got on December 5th, 2007:

Sites - puffyamiyumi.com - puffyamiyumiworld.com
Global: 915,503 - 698,037
US: 553,531 - 378,446
Japan: 177,850 - 290,414
Mexico: 160,630 - 150,221
Philippines: 103,792 - 36,779

According to Alexa the fansite Puffy AmiYumi World actually gets more traffic than does Puffyfs official English site. One curious statistic (either real or a byproduct of which countries use Alexa and which aren't) is that only 22.2% of the traffic at their official site comes from the US, 16.7% comes from Japan and the rest are spread out all over the world. By contrast 40% of visitors to Puffy AmiYumi World come from the US and 20% from Japan.

Puffy's official Japanese site scored much higher with an overall traffic rating of 227,608. It placed at 12,851 in Japan while only 643,272 in the US. Since the site is in Japanese it not surprisingly received 87.3% of its traffic from Japan with only 4.5% from the US.

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