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Andy Sturmer
Andy Sturmer - Click for larger image Andy Sturmer Sturmer would stand while playing drums The King is Half-Undressed video
Andy Sturmer is a highly accomplished songwriter, producer and musician and a major factor in the ongoing success of Puffy AmiYumi.

While growing up in Pleasanton, California he developed a love for a variety of music listening to Queen, ELO, Beach Boys, the Who and jazz groups. He first gained fame during the early 1990s as part of a songwriting team with his school friend Roger Manning. Their first group, Beatnik Beatch, would eventually become the highly respected Jellyfish.

Much like Puffy, Jellyfish showed a wide variety of styles and influences. Sturmer was both the lead singer and drummer for their albums Bellybutton and Split Milk. Jellyfish achieved a minor success when their single "Baby's Coming Back" reached number 62 in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Fortunately for Puffy fans the group went their separate ways in 1994. Sturmer sojourned to Japan where he began his collaboration with Japanese rock star Tamio Okuda. Sturmer co-produced songs for Okuda's album "30." Their budding relationship would lay the foundation for the creation of Puffy.

His other producer credits include the groups Bleu, the Merrymakers, Black Crowes and Size 13. Other song credits include the theme for Ben 10.

While there would still be a "Puffy" without Sturmer, there can be no doubt that his musical genius and inspiration have been a key element to Puffy AmiYumi's ongoing global success.

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Here is a sample of Sturmer singing the original Jellyfish version of Joining a Fan Club.

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Where to buy Andy Sturmer music

Andy Sturmer and Jellyfish CDs can be found at Amazon and eBay. Here are some picture links. These are both awesome albums:

Bellybutton at Amazon Spilt Milk at Amazon

Quotes from Ami and Yumi about Andy Sturmer

In their interview with LiveDaily.com Ami said:
    Andy Sturmer is the godfather of Puffy. He gave the name Puffy to us. He's young but we feel like he's our US dad.

    There's this Japanese rock singer/producer named Tamio Okuda. He produced a lot of Puffy music. Andy worked with him on the Jellyfish and the girls have always loved the music of Andy. So they asked Tamio to hook them up with Andy.

In an interview with KFCcinema.com Yumi said:

    When we would request a certain type of song to be made, Andy would make a couple of songs and with that we would be like, "Could you make it a little bit faster?" or "Could you make it a little more 'up tempo' or with a little bit more guitar?" We definitely had a lot of control with our opinions. You can't just categorize Andy as a creator though, because he's much more involved than that. He's very respected because he's had much more experience in the industry, probably listened to a lot more music. We respect him in that regards.

In Yumi's Diary she reports being rather impressed by Sturmer's house in March of 2003:

    I met Andy on Thursday. I visited his house, but as I was brought up in poverty, I couldn't believe what I saw. What's this? It was my dream home. Had a beautiful view, and the rooms were so clean. I didn't have a room to myself until I moved to Tokyo at the age of 19. It was so lovely, that I now want to live in a house rather than an apartment. Andy was so kind as always, and had dinner at his place, also.