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Yosui Inoue
Yosui Inoue with trademark sunglasses Yosui Inoue Yosui Inoue with Tamio Okuda Yosui Inoue playing guitar
Yosui Inoue is one of the most successful singer and songwriters in Japanese history. He is an incredibly prolific songwriter, having released over twenty original albums, five live albums and over a dozen compilation albums. He has co-written songs with many Japanese artists, including Tamio Okuda, Koji Tamaki and Natsumi Hirai.

He has written many songs for Puffy over the last eleven years, including the lyrics to their very first single, Asia no Junshin (True Asia) in 1996 and Oriental Diamond from their album Honeycreeper in 2007.

Inoue was born on August 30, 1948 in Fukuoka in western Japan. He grew up with a love of the Beatles. In 1969 he played one of his original songs on a late-night radio show. It got so many requests that he soon signed with CBS/Sony. Three years later he released his first album, "Rapture." His 1973 release "Ice World" reached number one on the Japanese charts and established him as one of Japan's top musicians. His albums have since sold over ten million copies.

His original albums include: Danzetsu (1972), Yosui Two: Sentimental (1972), Kouri no Sekai (1973), Nishoku no Koma (1974), Shoutaijou no Nai Show (1976), White (1978), Sneaker Dancer (1979), Every Night (1980), Ayashii Yoru o Matte (1981), Lion and Pelican (1982), Ballerina (1983), 9.5 Carat (1984), Negative (1987), Handsome Boy (1990), Guide no Inai Yoru (1992), Under the Sun (1993), Eien no Shuuru (1994), Shopping - with Tamio Okuda (1997), Kudan (1998), United Cover (2001), Cassis (2002), Blue Selection (2003), and Love Complex (2006).

Other facts: He runs his own record label, "For Life." In 1997 he and Tamio Okuda co-wrote the album "Shopping" where they did a remake of Puffy's first single True Asia together.

For more information checkout his official website (in Japanese.