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Masatoshi Mashima
Masatoshi Mashima with trademark headband Masatoshi Mashima with the Blue Hearts Masatoshi Mashima from the High-Lows Masatoshi Mashima playing guitar
Masatoshi Mashima is a Japanese punk rock star who has played guitar for the groups the Blue Hearts, the High-Lows and most recently the Cro-Magnons. He is known for his trademark headbands. He is also a highly accomplished songwriter and has written two songs for Puffy's 2007 Honeycreeper album.

Masatoshi Mashima was born in Tokyo on February 20, 1962. He formed the punk rock band The Blue Hearts with singer Hiroto Kohmoto in 1985. They released their first album "The Blue Hearts" in May of 1987. Other releases include Young and Pretty (1987), Train-Train (1988), Bust Waste Hip (1990), High Kicks (1991), Stick Out (1993), Dug Out (1993) and Pan (1995). Train-Train contained the controversial song "Chernobyl" that helped to spur interest in the group.

Some of their better known songs include "Train-Train," "Linda Linda" and "Hito ni Yasashiku." Puffy did a cover version of Hito ni Yasashiku for their album The Hit Parade.

The Blue Hearts did two tours of the US in 1990 and 1991 and released the album Blast Off! in the US in 1991.

On June 23, 1994 the Blue Hearts officially broke up. Masatoshi Mashima and Hiroto Kohmoto went on to form a new band, the High-Lows. In 1995 they released the self-title album "The High-Lows" and followed this up with Tigermobile (1996), Lobster (1998), Baumkuchen (1999), Relaxin' (2000), Hotel Tiki-Poto (2001), Angel Beetle (2002) and Do!! The Mustang (2004).

In July 2006 Masatoshi Mashima and Hiroto Kohmoto formed yet another new group, the Cro-Magnons. In keeping with their past practice they released a self-titled album "The Cro-Magnons" on October 25 of the same year.

Mashima wrote two songs for Puffy's 2007 album Honeycreeper: Hayai Kuruma (Fast Car) and Hasan Jauze.

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