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Takanori Nishikawa aka TM Revolution

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Nishikawa Takanori aka T.M. Revolution (Takanori Makes Revolution) was born on September 19, 1970 in Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. He dropped out of High School to pursue his dream of being musician.

Takanori launched his singing career with the release of "Dokusai" (Monopolize) in May 1996. He gained early fame with songs from anime shows such as Rurouni Kenshin and later Gundam Seed. In 1998 his new record "Triple Joker" sold 2,000,000 copies, establishing him as a major force in Japanese music. He has gone on to establish a large following in both Asia and the west.

Takanori married Yumi Yoshimura in April 2 1999. They separated in 2002 and officially divorced in July 2003.

Some facts: "Turbo" is one of his nicknames. Orange is apparently his favorite color. Has his own clothing line called "Defrock" and has been hosting his own long running radio show for many years. He played a hair stylist on the popular Jdorama "Beautiful Life."

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Where to buy T.M. Revolution music

Takanori's many works can be found at YesAsia, CDJapan, Amazon, and eBay. Tofu Records has released Coordinate, Seventh Heaven, and Vertical Infinity to the US. Here are some picture links:

Coordinate at Amazon Seventh Heaven at Amazon Vertical Infinity at Amazon