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Takashi Furuta
Takashi Furuta Takashi Furuta Takashi Furuta Takashi Furuta - Click for larger image

Furuta has been playing drums for Puffy for eleven years, beginning with their first single "Asia no Junshin" in 1996. He has recorded original tracks on AmiYumi, SoloSolo, Jet, Fever Fever, Spike, An Illustrated History, The Hit Parade and Splurge and been on several of their tours.

Furuta has several credits on Puffy's 2007 album Honeycreeper including producing.

Born July 6, 1958 in Tokyo, Furuta began playing drums as a child. He played drums for Tamio Okuda's album "30" and joined the "29-30" tour along with Susumu Osada, Takamune Negishi, and Yuta Saitoh. Furuta joined the group "Dr. Strangelove" with both Osada Susumu and Negishi Takamune and has participated on many projects.

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