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Tamio Okuda
Tamio Okuda On Pa Pa Pa Pa Puffy - Click for larger image With Puffy - Click for larger image Tamio Okuda
Tamio Okuda is a rock star, songwriter and producer extraordinaire. He was the original producer for Puffy's first CD, AmiYumi and has been a major factor in shaping the group's distinct sound.

Recent News Two albums are set to be released in Japan on October 24 of 2007 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Tamio's old band Unicorn: "Unicorn Tributes" and "Okuda Tamio Covers." Puffy will be contributing to both.

Okuda was born on May 12, 1965 in Hiroshima Prefecture. He was a member of the highly respected group Unicorn. When Unicorn disbanded in 1993 Okuda launched his own solo carear. His first two albums were called "29" and "30" named after his age. Andy Sturmer helped to produce "30."

When Sony teamed Ami and Yumi together they chose Okuda to produce their first project. Ami and Yumi have both commented that they were fans of Okuda's Unicorn when they were in junior high.

His solo works include: 29, (1995), 30 (1995), Fail Box (1997), Matatabi (1998), Gold Blend (2000), Car songs of the Years (2001), E (2002), Okuda Tamio Live Songs of the Years (2003), Lion (2004) and comp (2005).

Yosui Inoue with Tamio Okuda Tamio also teamed up with Yosui Inoue in 1997 for the album "Shopping" where they did a remake of Puffy's first single True Asia together.

One of Okuda's other interests is black-bass fishing.

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Where to buy Tamio Okuda music

Tamio Okuda CDs can be found at YesAsia or CDJapan and sometimes at Amazon and eBay. Here are some picture links:

Best of Unicorn at CDJapan Lion at YesAsia Failbox at Amazon Live Songs at YesAsia

Quotes from Ami and Yumi about Tamio Okuda

In Dennis Aamith's April, 2002 interview of Puffy he asked them about making The Hit Parade and Ami said:
    We wanted to work with Okuda Tamio again but he was really, really busy. So, we needed to come up with new ideas that we can work together on a different album without hassling Okuda Tamio so much.