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Teruhiko Kobashi aka Teru was born in Hakodate, Hokkaido on June 8, 1971. He began his musical career as a drummer. In 1988 while still in high school Teru joined the local band Glay with his school friend Takuro Kubo and became their singer and guitar player. According to the band the name, meaning neither black or white, was meant to evoke the multiple styles of the young group.

In 1990 Teru moved with the band to Tokyo where they were forced to work at various jobs. Teru worked for a construction company.

In 1995 Glay released "Speed Pop" and began their long and highly successful career.

Teru is apparently an excellent cook.

In 2000 Teru divorced from his wife and starting dating Ami Onuki. They married on April 28, 2002. According to this source this is how Teru announced the news:

    Everyone, how are you? I have to borrow this place to announce to all the supporters of Glay that... on April 28th 2002, I've gotten married to Ami Onuki. Due to our love of music in this world, we hope to continue walking down the road of music together.
On September 28th a 31 year old Teru and 29 year old Ami officially announced that Ami was pregnant. Their daughter was born on March 9, 2003.

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