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Ami, Yumi and all the people behind Puffy work hard making and performing their music. Show your support where it counts.

Buying CDs and DVDs
Downloading Puffy Music
Puffy's "Music You Should Hear" List

Buying CDs and DVDs

For the newest releases in Japan such as "Honeycreeper" and "Hit and Fun" or the Japanese version of their CDs I'd recommend either YesAsia or CDJapan.

Yes Asia CDJapan

For new copies of the US releases I tend to go with Amazon.com.

If you are content with used copies I'd recommend either using Amazon's used dealers or trying eBay. Prices tend to vary. I'd recommend only buying from long established dealers with very high ratings. Sellers on eBay also occasionally offer the older Japanese releases and collectables. You can use the link below or the following eBay search for amiyumi.


If you're a fan of the cartoon Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi then Amazon.com and eBay are also a good bet for new or used copies of the DVDs Rock Forever and Let's Go.

Hi Hi Rock Forever at Amazon Hi Hi Let's Go at Amazon

Downloading Puffy Music

Another option is to use a download service to buy specific songs. I've used Rhapsody for songs like Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I haven't used the following sites but they also have Puffy music:

iTunes iTunes Downloads

Sony Connect Sony Connect Downloads

Walmart Music Downloads Walmart Music Downloads

Puffy's "Music You Should Hear" List

According to Amazon.com (I guess I believe them) Puffy submitted the following List of Music You Should Hear recommendations on July 29, 2005. It includes the groups Hole, Queen, Jellyfish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Tamio Okuda, Ringo Shiina and Hi-Standard.