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Biography:  A short biography with fact sheet.

Books:  Puffy have released several books about the group.

DVDs:  From their videos, concerts and Hi Hi Show.

Puffy AmiYumi World Forum is up and running. Here's your chance to discuss all things Puffy AmiYumi.

Forum Archive:  an archive of key forum threads.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi:  Info on their Cartoon Network show.

Honeysweeper Reviews:  Read all sixteen fan reviews of the shows posted on our forum or sent to my MySpace page.

Interviews:  Links to fifteen Puffy interviews and some original interviews with the Merrymakers, Butch Walker and Linus of Hollywood.

Mascot:  Puffy AmiYumi World has an official mascot.
  Movies:  Yumi's movies such as "The Neighbor No. 13."

Pa Pa Pa Pa Puffy:  Puffy's long running variety show.

Puffy Games:  Four games to test your Puffy Knowledge: Know Your Honeycreeper, Picture Challenge, Name that Puffy Tune and Trivia Challenge.

Puffy's People:  Biographies of people associated with Puffy such as Andy Sturmer,  Tamio Okuda and the Merrymakers.

Puffypedia:  An encyclopedia of Puffy's people, places and things. It will get much bigger. Join the forum if you want to become a contributor.

Where to buy Puffy Stuff:  A guide on where to buy Puffy CDs, DVDs and other fun stuff.
Here's how you write Yumi's name in Japanese kanji characters. Note its the same "mi" in Ami's name.
Yumi's Kanji Ami's Kanji
Here's how you write Ami's name in Japanese kanji characters. The "mi" means "beauty."