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Puffy's second interview of 2008 was with this Japanese music website. is now available online. Here is the direct link.

    Q: You recently finished your five-concert US tour. What are your best and worst memories from this tour?

    Ami: I had great time, but it was a bit hard to adjust to the extreme temperatures.

    Yumi: I just had a blast. I was anxious at first to see if people would come as it'd been a while since we last visited the West Coast but it turned out that so many people come and supported us, which made me very happy.

Shojo Beat

Puffy's first English language interview since Splurge was in the January 15th edition of this manga-themed magazine.

    SB: You collaborated with a lot of well-known rockers on that CD. Can you tell us any interesting stories about the recording of the album or about some of your collaborators?

    Ami: It's been so long since we last worked with Yousui Inoue and Tamio Okuda, so working with them again brought me back to the time when we recorded together... Another memorable thing about the recording of the album is that the male artists and producers we worked with are handsome, so our female staff--and us, too, of course--got really hyped up!

Tofu Records

Puffy's official 2006 interview with Tofu Records about the Splurge CD and tour. Full interview available here while the website is "under construction."

    Yumi: Apparently most places in Cincinnati close at 6 or 7, so we figured most people would be at home at night, and we'd been saying that there might not be a very big crowd. But then a lot of people ended up coming, so I was really happy about that. So I think Cincinnati was the biggest surprise. Also, the audience was the most fired up.

    Ami: They really went crazy!

    Yumi: You could tell right away how crazy they were.

    Ami: Anything we said, they screamed.

    Yumi: Yeah, the whole thing was very unexpected, so it was really interesting.

(Webmaster note: I attended the Cincinnati show and can testify to the crowd's crazy intensity.)


Christina Fuoco interviewed Puffy on July 19, 2006 for LiveDaily.  Full interview.

    How did you meet him (Andy Sturmer)?

    Ami: There's this Japanese rock singer/producer named Tamio Okuda. He produced a lot of Puffy music. Andy worked with him on the Jellyfish and the girls have always loved the music of Andy. So they asked Tamio to hook them up with Andy.


On July 12, 2006 Geno Roy (Mikey) of KGRL interviewed Ami and Yumi during their promotion of SplurgeFull interview.

    What is the meaning of the title in relation to the CD?

    Because of the people that joined this album, from domestic to international. Everybody that was willing to participate in our album. We have splurged, on the type of musicians and composers and collaborators. So, we thought, what is the best word to describe this album... and definitely it is "Splurge."


On November 13 2006 "Rice Burner" of GamePro interviewed the duo.  Full interview.

    Are you fans of anime or manga? If so, what is your favorite anime or manga series?

    We both read manga a lot. We even check the release day of upcoming manga comics. It is hard to pick just one of our favorite manga because we really, really read a lot.

J! ENT forth interview

Dennis Aamith of J! ENT did his forth interview of Puffy in August of 2006. Full interview.

    What final words would you like to say to all of your fans outside of Japan?

    It is very overwhelming to know that there are many people who are supporting us outside of our home country. It seems like surprise, but we are so happy that we've been getting their support from overseas! We are so pleased that people all over the world cheer us up and listen to our music.


Puffy is interviewed on November 7, 2005 by EigoTown. Full interview.
    About the upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:

    We're going to be riding on a float and we won't understand the details until we actually get there. We don't have this kind of parade in Japan so we really don't understand the situation and we can't really compare it to anything. We've been told that we'll ride around the city on the float and then at the end we'll stop by Macy's and be allowed to sing a song.

2005 Diary from Sony Music

Puffy kept an online diary during their 2005 tour of the US.  Full diary.

    With full momentum we did 3 consecutive shows Portland - Seattle - Vancouver. In Seattle, the audience was a fun crowd and the atmosphere was great! After the performance, all of us were again like "The audience really saved us". Thank you very much to all that came to our show!


Brandon Fincher of KFCC interviewed Yumi on August 2, 2003 at San Diego Comic Con.  Full interview.

    How is she (Ami) doing since she had her baby?

    In regards to how she's doing, she's quite well. Since the child is really small she couldn't leave it to come and join us. Working on raising her child is the focus of her attention at the moment.

2003 Diary from Sony Music

In 2003 Yumi kept a diary while spending some time in the US studying English.  Full Diary.

    I woke up this morning with a bad memory of being bullied by bullies back in the days. I was nervous. I was haunted by the nightmare once again, acting like a shaken chiwawa. I was wondering where the smell came from. Ah ha, it came from the entrance door. A painter was repainting my door. I said "Hi" with a "sexy" pose...not.

J! ENT third interview

Dennis Aamith of J! ENT did his third interview of Puffy in April of 2002. Full interview.

    When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grow up?

    Ami: I wanted to be an air stewardess.

    Yumi: I wanted to be an air stewardess as well because of a TV drama that I watched when I was growing up.


Ashmi Elizabeth Dang and Brenda Kahn from WOMANROCK interviewed Ami and Yumi after the release of Spike.  Full interview.

    We asked Ami and Yumi what it is like being mega-stars in Japan and how it feels to have such an influence on the kids. "It is strange that everyone knows you." says Yumi, who can't walk down the street without being mobbed by fans. "It was a slow and gradual climb, so it wasn't such a shock." says Ami. "Not many artists have this opportunity."

    What do they want from this U.S. release? "Just to be Puffy, be ourselves where ever we go, and let more people hear the music." says Yumi.

J! ENT second interview

Dennis Aamith of J! ENT did his second interview of Puffy in July of 2001. Full interview.

    First, please tell me your favorite non-Japanese artists or music group?

    Yumi: We are trying to listen to a variety of music. My favorite artists are Nirvana, Eels, Hole and U2.

    Ami: I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hole.

J! ENT first interview

Dennis Aamith of J! ENT did his first interview of Puffy in February of 2000. Full interview.

    How does it feel to have many fans who are non-Japanese listening to your music?

    Yumi: I feel very, very happy about it. I will try and have more people listen to our music.

    Ami: I'm glad. It feels a bit strange too, but I'm very proud of it.