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Butch Walker Interview
Butch Walker On August 4, 2007 Butch Walker was kind enough to grant Andrew (your webmaster) an interview.

Butch Walker is the American rock star, songwriter and producer who wrote the Puffy songs Call Me What You Like and Radio Tokyo from the Splurge CD. He has also written music for artists such as the Donnas, Pink, Bowling for Soup and Lindsay Lohan. His latest album was entitled "The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites."

(Note: This interview was done prior to the announcement of Puffy's album Honeycreeper on which Walker has music credits for two new songs: Ain't Gonna Cut It and Closet Full of Love.)

Your website has several concerts scheduled for this September. What can Butch Walker fans expect to see and hear?

New stuff for sure. I am done with doing the oldies for awhile.

Butch Walker It's been over a year since the release of "The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites." The scuttlebutt is your next CD will be called "Maya." Will you release something this year?

That's the name of the 1969 record. I haven't even thought about a new solo record. Not sure if I will do one of those this year.

For anyone unfamiliar with Butch Walker what three songs would you pick to give them a feel for your music?

Taste of Red, Joan, and Best Thing You Never Had... and Hot Girls In Good Moods.

What was it like being a judge on the reality show "Rock Star: Supernova?"


Butch Walker You've written music for a large number of artists such as Pink, Bowling for Soup, Lindsay Lohan and (of special interest to readers here) Puffy AmiYumi. Do the songs still feel like "yours" when you hear others playing them?

Yeah for sure, but it is fun to hear someone do their take of it. You can't get too attached to the original or it will just make you frustrated because no two people are the same.

You wrote the songs Call Me What You Like and Radio Tokyo which Puffy AmiYumi featured on their 2006 Splurge CD. How did you hook up with Puffy?

My manager and AR guy hooked us up. I was already a fan from way back in the day and I have always had a crush on Ami...

Was there any particular inspiration or background story for the music for Radio Tokyo?

It was a dream I had about the crumbling of the music industry, then it crumbled...

Butch Walker Your excellent DVD "Live at Budokan" features you singing "Radio Tokyo" as well as some bonus video of you in Japan, including one clip entitled "Best Sink Ever." How did your Japanese tour compare to your earlier tour of China?

Oh doesn't compare. The China tour was a disaster, but the Japan tour was incredible. It was everything I could ever ask for and more. The people were amazing to me.

It has to be asked: If you had zero musical talent what would Butch Walker be doing today?

Probably working at a record store.

Your music has helped you to see many places and meet many people. All in all, how would you describe your life as a musician?

Grand. I wouldn't trade my job for anything in the world.

For more info on Butch Walker checkout his official website and MySpace page.