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Many Thanks
On October 16th of 2006 Puffy AmiYumi World began poking its kawaii nose out of the rabbit hole of cyberspace. Its hopeful aspiration was to one day become the premier fansite for all things Puffy AmiYumi.

Now over a year later I want to thank everyone for helping to get this unofficial fansite consistently to the #3 or #4 spot in Google and Yahoo searches for "Puffy AmiYumi" (darn you Wikipedia!). We get a growing number of hits each month from all over the world and I am deeply thankful to everyone.

More content is in the works as time allows so keep checking back.

Japanese language translations from Puffy's official sites and elsewhere were done by myself with help from some great friends including Hiroko, Hiroshi, Kita-kik, Masaaki, Michi, Mikachi, Satomi, Yasuko and Yoshie.

Romanji lyrics were either done by myself or edited from existing websites such as Lyric Wiki. Credits have been given for all English translations. If you see any obvious errors please let me know.

Pictures were either scanned from my collection or copied from other websites, such as Japanese Yahoo Auctions. Hopefully they all fall within the "fair use" criteria for non-profit public domain usage.

My Song Finder Videos only sample about 20 seconds per song with the intended purpose of encouraging people to buy their CDs. Please support Puffy's hard work by buying their CDs and DVDs.

And finally let me give a big THANK YOU to everyone at the Puffy AmiYumi World forum for all their helpful information and advice since it went live on September 12th, 2007. Puffy fans are the best! Special thanks in particular to Anthony, DoAsPuffy, Jeff, TofuUnion and Yom1970 for their all their info, translation help and pictures.

Want to help feed the bunny? Link to us everywhere you can and send in your suggestions, information and pictures to comments@j-popworld.com or better yet join our discussion forum. You can also contact me at my MySpace page.