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Puffy Games
So far we have four original games to test your Puffy Knowledge.

Know Your Honeycreeper:  Puffy's new album Honeycreeper was released in Japan on September 26th, 2007. Let's see how much you know about its music and the people behind it. Good luck! Ganbatte!

Puffy Picture Challenge: So you can tell Ami from Yumi. But let's see if you can guess where ten of Puffy's many pictures came from in the Puffy Picture Challenge.

Name that Puffy Tune: How well do you know your Puffy songs? Here are twelve different Puffy tunes to challenge your brain. Can you identify them all the first time through?

Puffy Trivia Challenge: Think you know Puffy? Take the ten question Puffy Trivia Challenge and test your Puffy Knowledge.

Puffy Games Stats Box
For you stats lovers out there here are the number of people who started and finished each game as of April 9, 2008.
Puffy Game Started Finished
Know Your Honeycreeper 492 211
Puffy Picture Challenge 673 303
Name That Puffy Tune 673 329
Puffy Trivia Challenge 803 373
Total missed guesses 1180