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Biographies of Puffy's People

The Producers

Andy Sturmer aka the "Godfather" of Puffy is the producer/songwriter who coined their name and has been a driving force in their international success.

Tamio Okuda was the first producer for Puffy and has helped to shape their distinctive sound.

Masanori Sasaji produced Puffy's forth CD Fever Fever.

The Merrymakers duo Anders Hellgren and David Myhr have written or produced four songs for Puffy including three in 2007.

Butch Walker has written and produced a pair of songs on both Splurge and the Honeycreeper album.

The Band

Takashi Furuta has been playing drums for Puffy for eleven years and has produced several of their songs.

Susumu Osada has been Puffy's guitar player for many years.

Takamune Negishi has been Puffy's bass player for many years.

Yuta Saito has played keyboards for Puffy for many years.

Songwriters and such

Yosui Inoue, one of Japan's most successful songwriters, has written music for Puffy for eleven years.

Seiji of Guitar Wolf appears on the video for Teen Titans.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra have worked with Puffy.

Masatoshi wrote two songs for their 2007 CD Honeycreeper.

Yamanaka Sawao also wrote a pair of songs for their 2007 Honeycreeper CD.

Linus of Hollywood co-wrote the song Kimi ga Suki and opened for two Puffy shows during their 2007 Honeysweeper Tour of the West Coast.

Kazuya Yoshii - John Fields - Dexter Holland
Tetsutaro Sakurai - Konishi Yasuharu - Brian Setzner
Kazuyoshi Saito - Masamune Kusano - Paul Bevoir
Pierre Taki - The Velvet Crush


The Hubbies

Teru the lead singer of Glay married Ami Onuki in 2002.

Takanori Nishikawa aka TM Revolution was married to Yumi Yoshimura from 1999 to 2003.