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2007 Honeysweeper Tour Reviews
Honeysweeper Tour Honeysweeper Tour Honeysweeper Tour

Puffy performed five West Coast shows in November of 2007. Here are the sixteen fan reviews of the shows posted on our forum or sent to my MySpace page.

Vancouver:  Cerahbes
Seattle:  Blade - Richard - Dias
San Francisco:  Wonderboy923 - Antennas - Amrayu - Hardmodskin
West Hollywood:  Eddiefb3 - Alkulp - CVC
Anaheim:  Alkulp - Boykun - Tim - PUFFYROCKS - Dhcloud

Vancouver Show
11/11/07 8:00PM at Richards on Richards
1036 Richards St. Vancouver, BC
($30.00 ADV / $35.00 DOS)

Vancouver Review by forum member Cerahbes.
Posted on November 13th, 2007.

Don't hold me to this, it was a VERY long day and I was on foot in vancouver the whole time but here are some of the songs I remember.

I glanced at the set list they had laying down on the stage and it had 19 songs I think they opened with Boom Boom Beat, Nagisa ni Matsuwaru et Cetera, Kimi to Ootobai.

Kichiburu Motion ... and here's where i can't quite recall them in order:
Tokyo I'm on my way
Puffy the monster
Radio Tokyo
Closet full of love
Jet Keisatsu
Joining a Fan Club
Teen Titans
Oriental Diamond
Circuit no Musume
Red Swing
Mogura-like *yay cause I love doing the mole dance*

Ended with Basketcase then Hi Hi
encore was Rock n Roll Radio and Asia no Junshin

I'm really really straining to remember what all was played but 19 out of 19 is pretty good I think!

Unfortunately they do not give out setlists until the end of the tour - I got one from the Splurge tour from last year in Cleveland that way =) The drummer was sadly a different guy. They pretty much filled the house, not sure if it was sold out .. had to be or very close. I was standing left side front of the stage in front of Yumi *^_^* and I was waist deep in lil japanese women.

They also did an acoustic play and autographic session at this music store that I walked freak'n by at 3pm .... I didn't know it was going on until I was waiting in line at the concert hours after it was over *grumbles* ahh time to get back to work, hey while I'm there I'll sit down and write up a review so I can post it tonight =) have a good one.
re: Yumi's shirt said "candy stripper deep under ground"

Seattle Show
11/13/07 6:00PM Moore Theater
1932 2nd Ave, Seattle WA
($35.00 ADV / DOS)

Reviews by
Blade - Richard - Dias

Seattle Review by MySpace friend Blade.
Posted November 14, 2007.

As for the concert, it was very crowded and many were dancing. In between songs, Ami and Yumi would speak in English from cue cards, it is cute and humorous.

They talk about getting a tour of Starbucks' headquarters earlier that day.

They did songs from the new CD, Splurge and some of the older songs. The Mole-like song was great. They had two guys in hard hats doing the dance moves with the girls.

One their guitar players was doing Angus Young moves during the show, he was introduced as "Angus." Heh.

During "Red Swing" they used red lights throughout the song.

My only problem with the show was that it started an hour later than posted. I was rather upset about that.

I will want to see their show again when they come to Seattle.

Seattle Review by MySpace friend Richard.
Posted November 14, 2007.

I saw Puffy AmiYumi last night in Seattle. The show could have been a disaster. The crowd was small (around 250), and the opening act did a no show. Puffy AmiYumi put on a great show no matter. The small crowd was very enthusiastic. It looks like most of the band is different from the last trip up here 2 years ago. Just the bassist and keyboardist remain. Lots of favorites and about 5 new songs thrown in. If you're on the west coast...SEE THEM LIVE!!

Seattle Review by forum member Dias.
Posted November 15, 2007.

Here is my personal experience of the show that was at the Moore in Seattle... btw 1st time poster and 1st time view this forum.. to me other then a few small things... it was sooo freakin awesome. but i wish i would have been told the time would be bumped up... I rushed out of work and like mad to get there and it was delayed by 1 hour due to lack of no opening act(1) but i had what i thought great seats left floor A3... as the start... it was mind blowing... not just music and the band but being 2 feet or so from the speakers but that just added to the excitement there was a few other items of a group of people that came in about 1/3 of the way into it but it would make it sound like a rant then a review and experience...how ever i will say if that drunk bast@rd had not did a football catch in front of me i would have caught her shirt >.< and no it was the drunk guy yelling about it >.....< and i did what they asked and didn't take any pictures.... wish i did but prolly would have got caught being so close x.x;;

San Francisco Show
11/15/07 7:00PM Slim's
333 11th St San Francisco, CA
($25.00 ADV / DOS)

Reviews by
Wonderboy923 - Antennas - Amrayu - Hardmodskin

San Francisco Review by forum member Wonderboy923.
Posted on November 16, 2007.

I went to the San Francisco concert at Slim's last night, I thought it was a really good time. It did seem that their change from the Fillmore to Slim's was due to how smaller than usual the audience in attendance was, I'm not sure how big their shows are in other cities, but this felt relatively small for a Puffy live show. But I really think Slim's fit their vocals, I think if it were in a bigger place their voices would be drowned out by the band. The couple rows in the front were layed out with a good amount of Japanese exchange students, though in total, not many Japanese people in general (weird for a city like San Francisco), though I liked how there was a couple of old grannies standing in the audience. Like a lot of venues, they requested no photography of any sort, the worker took away my camera...so no pictures for me sadly.

There was a starter band before Puffy performed, A Modern Machine or something, I don't know, I got there during their last song, so I didn't get their name (did anyone else get a starter band because that would stink if Puffy performed the whole show without a starter band at other venues). The actual performance was pretty awesome. Really big cheers from the crowd when Yumi and Ami came out, Yumi looked especially cute during the show with the curly hair with the front bangs, Ami looked great also with her Stay Gold shirt, I believe that's what it said. They performed for about an hour and a half and did their reading off the notes talk segments a few times (talked about Honeysweeper, Chinatown and dim sum, and their GAP advertisement, etc.) and did an encore. Surprisingly, no kids at the show, people looked actually of age. All and all, it was a good time. I think even for a smaller turnout, Puffy still got a pretty warm welcome from the crowd. I hope they enjoyed SF and hopefully the turnout didn't tarnish SF's relationship with Puffy. I read on their staff blog that Ami went to Fisherman's Wharf, if only I could have been at the Wharf at the time, I could have met her. Oh well.

re: I was digging Ami a lot before, she's just super cute, but after the Slim's live show, Yumi is growing for me a lot more. i think her long her this time is really pretty.

San Francisco Review by forum member Antennas to Heaven.
Posted on November 16, 2007.

Like wonderboy, i arrived late and they were sold out of honeycreeper cds at that point, so no autograph for me. i would have been happy with the album. i guess my d/l version will have to hold me til the US release. the support band, a modern machine, were fine, but i wasn't really feelin it. as for puffy's set, i thought it was solid until the middle part, when they played jet police. from that song til the end, man, it was like everything was dialed up and off the scale. fucking awesome. sadly, they didn't play my favorite song, that's the way it is. oh well, next time. my fave of the new tracks is youkai puffy, that track sounded great live. they also introduced the band during the middle break of youkai puffy. oh, and someone mentioned that they covered the ramones song, rock n' roll radio, but they didn't play it in SF. they played basket case, which was good, but i would have rather heard the ramones cover. i brought a couple friends who were new to puffy, and they are now converts. all in all, great gig... A+++++++++++

re: They opened with boom boom beat, which is slowly growing on me. i didn't like it much when i first picked up the single this summer.

San Francisco Review by forum member Amrayu.
Posted on November 19, 2007.

I'm new to this board and I just wanted to sign up to post my experience about the San Francisco HoneySweeper concert.

As many know, the location was switched from the Filmore to Slim's. I guess this was better in the end because the Filmore is further away from my workplace.

The doors opened at 7:00PM and I was planning to come a lot earlier to stand in line. I saw B'z in concert (a few years ago) at the Filmore and the line was crazy! But I ended up at the doors around 7:25PM. To my amazement, there were no lines and there were probably 20-30 people inside the avenue.

The crowd was rather mixed. There were the typical anime otakus, a few kids with their parents (fans of the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi cartoon), and a handful of Japanese natives. The age range was probably around 10 years old to people in their 50s. A majority of the fans looked like they were in their 20s though.

Off on the side, vendors were selling Puffy merchandise and CDs. The opening act, Modern Machine, also had their CDs and merchandise at the table...

...They also had several CDs for sale. I bought "An Illustrated History" for $20. Honeycreeper was available for $25. The first 40 who bought CDs received Puffy's autograph.

The opening act was "Modern Machine." Their music wasn't too bad, but all I wanted to see was Puffy. During the opening act, the floor was pretty open and I had lots of room to breathe. Cheesy But as soon as they finished, people started bombarding the floor. I was standing pretty close to the stage on the right side. I was probably 5 feet away from Ami.

Puffy's band came on the stage first. One guitarist, one bassist, one drummer, and one keyboardist. Finally, Ami and Yumi joined them on stage! The crowd started whooping and yelling including myself. Ami was wearing a black tank top that read "Socs Got Gold Socks," in gold lettering. She wore a pink tank top underneath that and some gray capri-like pants. Her hair was long and wavy and worn down as usual. Yumi looked just as cute in a faded red tank with Bugs Bunny on the front. She also opted for some capri-like pants and she wore her hair like Ami's.

They went right into a song as soon as they stepped on stage. After that song, they pulled out their little notepads and started talking to the crowd in English. My memory is a little fuzzy right now, but here's what I remember them saying throughout the whole concert in between songs:

They introduced themselves in English and Ami started talking.

Ami said that they were in Canada and Seattle before San Francisco. They said the weather was rather cold there compared to San Francisco. They liked the San Francisco weather even though Seattle and Canada were probably closer to Tokyo's weather right now.

She said that it's been 2 years that they've been in San Francisco and that they were glad to be back.

Yumi said they had a good dinner last night. Ami nodded and said, yes it was delicious. Someone in the crowd asked, Where? Ami and Yumi didn't answer. Yumi read from her notepad: They went to Chinatown for lunch that day and had DOMSOM. I yelled and said DIMSUM! And Yumi muttered some things in japanese as she looked over her notepad, and she said, Oh! DIMSUM! It was very good. The crowd laughed.

In another talk: Ami said that they just recently did a photo shoot for Gap. Some girls in the crowd had photos of Puffy from the shoot and raised their photos. Yumi was a little shocked and said, Yes! That one! She then asked the girls, "Doko kara moratta?" -- Where did you guys get that? The girls were a little clueless and just shouted, We love you! in English. Yumi in Japanese said, "I don't even have it!" Ami then started talking about their merchandise that they were selling in the back. Ami said, if you buy our CDs the first 60 (it was really 40) who buy a CD will receive and pre-autographed card from Puffy. I raised my card up as they said that and waved it around. Ami and Yumi in unison said, "Sou sou!" -- Yes, yes. Yumi pointed right at me when she said that. Grin

Ami then talked about their current album. "Our new album is called Honeycreeper. It is only released in Japan right now not in America." As soon as she said that, the crowd boo'd and moaned. Ami and Yumi laughed and then Ami said, "BUT! The CD is available for sale here after the concert." And the crowd applauded.

Introductions: Yumi and Ami both introduced the band.

On guitar was ShigeO aka. ShigeWO. Ami told us to put emphasis on the WO.

On drums was Jet? aka. Jet! Ami couldn't think of an AKA for Jet so she just repeated his name.

I forget the other band member names, but for one person, Ami said, AKA Eringi. Yumi laughed and said, Eringi? The crowd yelled Eringi! Ami said to us in English, Eringi is a type of mushroom.

Ami also liked to poke fun at the band members ages. For the guitarist, she said, he is old! Older than me. Yumi said to Ami in japanese, Don't say that! Ami also did the same to 2 other members. For the drummer, she said, he is the oldest out of the group. It was very cute how she was teasing them.

Some time during one of the talk segments, Yumi was re-counting something in Japanese and interrupted Ami in the process. Yumi said something about standing at the edge of the stage and how she almost fell. Ami said that she tried that also and they shared a laugh. Since this was all in Japanese, not many people in the crowd understood. Ami and Yumi both said, Sorry! We're sorry and gomen nasai because they were speaking in Japanese.

I was surprised that they did a cover of one of Greenday's songs. They sang it relatively well and the whole crowd was jumping to it because almost everyone knew that song.

During the Asia no junshin song, one of the guitarists played the keyboard (the kind that sounds like a harmonica? organ?) and wore the panda headgear that Puffy wore in their PV Oriental Diamond. He also had a panda puppet.

During another song (I forget what the title was), they had 2 big buff Japanese guys wearing the "Puffy is Monster" T shirts, and yellow construction helmets come on the stage. They also were wearing sunglasses. During that song the guys were dancing with Puffy.

Asia no junshin was the last song and Puffy and team left the stage. The crowd wanted more and yelled in japanese, Onkoru (encore) repeatedly. Eventually, Puffy came back on stage looking all refreshed. Ami was wearing the amiyumidas HIT FUN shirt over her existing shirt.

They performed and the crowd went wild. At the end, Ami and Yumi re-introduced the band members again. This time around with some faint music in the background. After each band member's name, the crowd chanted that person's name. It really brought the crowd together. Afterwards, they all linked hands and bowed. The drummer threw one of his sticks into the crowd. Drunk people stumbled over each other to grab it. Angry Some gross old dude with a long mass of gray hair drunkenly waved the stick around as his prize.

After the crowd started to disperse, the merchandise table was very crowded. Thank god, I bought a T shirt and CD already. I think all of the autographs were gone already.

Overall, the show was awesome! If they ever come back to America again, I'll be there! Puffy had lots of energy, their band had lots of energy and the crowd was pretty enthusiastic. There were a few people who were standing by me who were expressionless. Huh --which is rather weird. This concert has re-ignited my love for Puffy. ^_^

I forgot to mention that during some of their talk segments I yelled as well. My voice was hoarse later that night as a result.
My presence was known. Kiss

San Francisco Review by forum member Hardmodskin.
Posted on November 21, 2007.

The girls were in top form, performance-wise and the band thunderous and tight. I was impressed with how much better their english has become in the two years since they last played san francisco at the fillmore theater.

The set list was comprised of mainly later day Puffy sonngs...though they dipped into the now dim past for four tunes, "asia no junshin" and three tracks from "jet" ( alas, no "korega watashino ikiru michi" this time) They played some awesome renditions of "honeycreeper" tunes.

Sadly for me, I had not obtained a "honeycreeper" cd, intending to pick one up at the show, but they sold out of the cd in minutes (at $25.00 a shot, which is a bargain, considering the store price of $39.50).

Anyway, the new songs are marvelous, and I counted five...at least that's the number I recognized when I picked up "honeycreeper" yesterday (goodbye, $43.23) and played it through several times in a row.

The standout of the set was a "honeycreeper" tune...I believe track 3 on the album. Loved it live....gave me chills...

Puffy were engaging and funny as usual...they did the obligatory TV show tunes as well, which I could easily do without, but I think it's a concession to their newer (i.e. cartoon-inducted) fans that they seem to be mainstays of the set now. They didn't really do many of their own compositions this time around (I think "honeycreeper" ties with "jet" as their least Puffy-songwriting-contributed-to work in years), which was too bad.

The highlight for me was meeting and chatting with Puffy earlier in the day. They signed my Japanese versions of "nice" and "splurge".

For the record, Ami wore a t-shirt that read "SOCS STAY GOLD SOCS"....not what was reported in an earlier post.

The phrase is a reference to S.E. Hinton's novel (and Francis Ford Coppola's film) "The Outsiders". The 'Socs' are the well dressed preppy kids, and "stay gold" is the life lesson learned by one of the Socs' enemies, a "greaser" kid, and is also the central theme of the book...staying young at heart.

That aside....hopefully someone with a thorough knowledge of Japanese can post a set-list to the show.

The previous posts covered so much, I really don't have much more to add..

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Puffy at Slim's. The venue being so small was a big plus, even though they omitted many of their "classics" this time around.

- Colin

West Hollywood Show
11/16/07 Key Club
9401 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA
($25.00 ADV / $28.00 DOS)

Reviews by
Eddiefb3 - Alkulp - CVC

West Hollywood Review by forum member Eddiefb3.
Posted on November 17, 2007.

Guess I'll be the first to report on the concert. I just got back home less then an hour ago. Took the train yesterday, barely made it to the concert at 7pm going insane trying to figure my way around. Waited at the wrong bus stop for half an hour....

But the concert was great! despite the 2 hours of opening bands.....They were pretty good too but they had one at 8pm, and then a second opening act at 9pm, Puffy didn't get started til 10pm but it lasted til about 11:30pm.

I bought practically everything I could, the CD with the autograph, A puffy towel, a tshirt (they werent selling the monster puffy one) and some keychains. For those who might want to know for tomorrows concert. The CD was $25. I think thats pretty cheap considering its an import.

I did not get any pictures...I wanted to but when I got to the Key Club the man named Victor who was the guard at the door searched my bag, pointed out the signs several times. and told me I couldnt bring the camera in.....Told me to put it in my car...I told him its driving away*points at metroline*

Eventually I came to a compromise so he'd let me in. I gave him my batteries...and my memory card for the camera. He didn't want to be responsible for the digital camera.

and halfway through Puffy's concert slot Another big bodyguard guy came up to me and told me "You cant take pictures". I clearly told him I left my stuff with the guy at the door. I'm sure they were watching from above and saw the girl and guy next to me who snuck their camera in and was taking pictures and I got blamed. Then on I kept my arms up in the air.

So in the end, the concert was great, but the establishment was terrible. I will never go back to the Key Club again.(did I mention I had to pay $6 on the way in because I was under 21...)

West Hollywood Review by forum member Alkulp.
Part One posted on November 17, 2007:

Ok here goes - I hope i can write this in a half hour, because I have to run..

My son and I got there about 7:05 (darn traffic!) There was a short line outside and it took about 10 minutes to get inside. The club was small (and dark - of course?). We went immediately to the 'goods' for sale downstairs. Obviously, this was under the table sales going on (Cash only, no tax, no receipt, round prices, and poor selection). No Monster T-shirts - they appear to be using them for 'The Crew'. AmiYumiDas T-shirts in small and Med only. They had many of Puffy's albums, however... And the autographed stuff. Regular T-shirts all 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL) $20/ea. We took the stuff back to the car, and then came back and started looking for the 3 other forum members that said they would be there.

At this point there was probably 50 people in the club. We sat down on right-side (Ami) and waited and watched. Just before the first act (Linus of Hollywood), the bouncers took down the ropes and we got to sit down in a raised platform, just off the Ami side of the stage. We were within 10 feet of the stage. We were joined by 4 cute, bubbly Japanese girls - they were nice and fun... Linus gave away his latest album for FREE. The girls were nice enough to pick us up a copy as we couldn't leave our seats without loosing them.

The 2nd act was "Katie Perry" - don't know if that is spelled right. I liked her, she was really pretty good. Had a really great band. The drummer was INSANE, but totally cool. She sang several songs opening with "Loose your love, tonight.." (not her song), and some of her own stuff - "Self-Inflicted" and her new song which she told a story about just today she heard it for the first time on the radio on the way to the Dr.'s office. KROQ - Jed the fish (FYI). The song was titled "Your so Gay" (non-PC I think!). The Japanese girls really liked her and vice-a-versa. She made a definite point to throw them her 'special', one-of-a-kind, never going to be for sale single, which her manager gave her several copies near the end of the show. That was nice... Both opening bands mingled in the crowd after playing...

You know, I'm going to have to wait until this afternoon to complete this... I've got things I need to do, so I'll cover Puffy then. I just want to say I'm really disappointed that we didn't get to meet any of the 3 forum members (eddief3b - although he was the most unlikely because no discription, Mode7 - who'm I really thought we would be able to find, and Jinmouri) I'm missing my paper with the notes on it right now, but My son thinks he saw one of you (Mode7 or Jinmouri) during Puffy's set, but we couldn't find later... Mode7 I think - Were you wering a black hat (also)? By the way, I was wearing a bright orange polo shirt (how could you miss me?)

I've got a story of what happend AFTER the concert - but later today (keep you in suspense.... Got to run now..

Part Two posted November 18, 2007:

Ok, now that I've got a bit more time and am rested (I crashed yesterday afternoon... - slept for 17 hours) I can write my thoughts from the Key Club. I have a set list (I think: I have two #12's and zero #9's, but..), but not sure if I should post it. Perhaps I'll keep it until after the concert tour ends... They didn't ask us not to post it, but I know they ask previous audiences.

First off - Ami said that Honeycreeper will be coming out next year in the U.S. Maybe she only said "hoping"... Don't remember exact words. But it sounded pretty sure to me. She also also said that "L.A. was their "home away from home" and made an L.A. sign (ala YMCA style) Yumi = L (right arm straight up, left arm out sideways) Ami = A (hands pointed together above her head angling down at 45 degress, elbow to shoulder froming the cross in the "A"). The dancers for Mogura-Like did the same symbol at the end of that song.

At one point Ami mentioned that they last played in L.A. two years ago... To which I yelled out "We missed you!" - and she replied "we missed you too." - Almost a conversation with Ami!

They told us how as they were driving down in the bus from S.F. today "Come Together" was playing on the radio and Ami and Yumi started signing it... The bus driver cranked up the volume and the act was on... Only 1 problem - the girls didn't really know the words -other than the chorus... They seemed to have fun anyway and did a short impromptu for us right there on stage! Fun.

Another fun thing - they apparently stopped at Taco Bell on the way down. Ami and Yumi had quesadilla. They must have learned a few words of spanish from the employees, because they said a few things for us... "Taco Bell is numero Uno", and few other short sentences. They spoke it really well. Probably better than some of their English! It was quite interesting to hear Puffy speaking Spanish.

Another interesting note - Ami asked the audience if we had seen the GAP poster. She said they were really proud of that. And that they wished they had a copy of it! All the anecdote's done, let's get to the music itself...

They opened with "Boom, Boom beat" and "Tokyo I'm on my way". They did 3 songs before pausing to speak to the audience. The songs were all solid. The musicianship was obviously there.. (oh, just thought of a couple more anecdote's - guess they'll have to wait till after the music...). They would do a few songs then break for some light talk then do a few more songs. Every song was great, almost too good. Live music usually sounds a bit different from the recorded/released version, but this was very close to what was on the albums. The last time Puffy was here in L.A. they weren't that exacting (one of the things I didn't like about the last concert - my first seeing Puffy). They didn't play the "Rock and Roll Radio" song that was mentioned by previous reviews. All the material was Puffy's. Then did 17 songs in all 15 plus an encore of "Asia no Junshin" and "Circuit no Musume". The last was a bit different from the released version.

The second half of the show was REALLY rockin! They turned up the volume and let it all out. The first part of the show was good too, just it got cranked up a notch I think after Mogura-Like. As I mentioned earlier, there were 2 male dancers that came on stage to do the dance during the song. Puffy the monster was really cool too, (no they didn't do the big intro bit/story) - they changed some parts of the music (adding some keyboard action) in place of were the guys talk in the middle of the song. It was cool.

Closet Full of Love was good, but I had high hopes for this song. It was too much like the recorded version and I was kind of disappointed because I think they could really do this song much better...

Amy and Yumi themselves were a bit subdued. They didn't move outside their 'carpets' much at all. Don't get me wrong, they gave a good performance, but with the exception of 'Jet' (I think) they didn't cross over or come to the front/tip of the stage much. I don't know, I just remember them being a bit more mobile the first time (and from other concert footage).

Ok - now for the extra anecdote - and then my 'after the show' story... Just before Puffy came out, a Japanese fellow with a big camera came and sat down in front of us. I enlisted the girls setting next to us to talk with this guy. He was a with "Sony" and was talking pictures for the tour. I said - 'well, if you going to block our view, then we at least out to get a picture'... We joked with him a bit, but he couldn't because he said it was his job. He was nice, and we joked and talked a bit more... He took a really great shot of Ami. We could see it on his digital screen! Buy the way, I tried to take a few pictures with my cell phone, but got a strange message "failed" each time!? So no pictures Sad The bouncer came over after the 3 or 4th try and said "You can't take pictures" - I said "O.K. - and that it wasn't working anyway". They were actually pretty cool about it... They could have been much more of jerks. My son did get a few 6 second videos with his cell phone, but they are so crappy I don't even like looking at them. Really bad.

Ok - finally - THIS HAS been long... After the show we (my son and I) really wanted to meet someone from PAY World.com. We went outside and stood right in front of the exit so we could see everyone leaving. We were looking for Mode7 as he thought he'd seen him during the show. One guy came out, and I asked him if he was from PAY World, but he was a bouncer! That was funny. After almost everyone left we were still standing there looking at the few remaining people inside when this lady comes up to us and says "Are you looking for someone" - I say "Yes". And she says "Maybe I can help you with that". And I say "O.K." and begin to give her the discriptions of Mode7 and Jinmouri... And she goes "They are in the band?" And I go "no, there friends from a Puffy fan site that were trying to meet". Then she blows me away...

"You want to meet the band?"

I'm like - what? and I stumbled out some words ending with "... well that would be cool". She says "wait right here and I'll be right back"!!!

Right now, my mind starts racing and I'm going - "Are we really going to meet the band?"

About 30 seconds to a minute later she comes walking out of the club with Kaz!

Before the concert I had told my son that I'd be buying some things for Jeff, and mentioned, that I thought it would be totally cool if we could get an "AmyYumiDas" T-shirt autographed for him. Now we were about to meet the band and I didn't buy one!!! (I called Jeff earlier, but he said don't get it because the size was too small!)....

Kaz says hello... (Damn - should have used my Japanese at this point!!!!) We say hello and shake his hand. He says something... I actually don't even remember what he said. I'm like "Kaz - (pretty direct!) do you think I could get one of the "AmyYumiDas" t-shirts for a friend who has a website with the same name. I'll pay for it..." - and he goes, hesitatingly ... 'nah' and kind of looks me and my son over. Then he asks us for something. I didn't have any Puffy goods on hand (having made a trip earlier to put everything in the car), only the "Linus of Hollywood" CD. He asks for something for the girls to sign... I dig in my pocket and produce my ticketmaster tickets and hand them to him. He's goes 'just a minute' turns and walks back into the club. Just a few seconds later he walks back out and hands me the tickets which Puffy had signed. They were just around the corner! Even though it was totally cool to meet Kaz, I feel like I got rejected. I mean, I've already got several items autographed by Puffy so it wasn't that big of a deal. But the first lady took my hopes up so high, only to have them crash. It was neat to meet Kaz though!

I'm going to take that ticket to the concert tonight and see if I can get Kaz to autograph it also. I don't have anything with his sig - and I've actually met him! Wish me luck!

Part Three posted on November 19, 2007.

You know, the more I think about it, the less I want to say. I was trying to figure out how to get Kaz's autograph when Shigowo, the guitar player came out. I walked up to him and asked him if he could get Kaz's autograph. I don't think he understood completely, but I decided to get his autograph, because he was rockin tonight. As he was signing my ticket stub who should walk out next and sit down right there!!!

I actually thought of asking Ami if she could get Kaz's autograph for me, but stopped myself before I did. The first thing I asked them was when were they coming to the 'East Coast'. I didn't get an answer. Then the translator came up, and I handed Ami the AMIYUMIDAS t-shirt and told them who it was for (translated - thank you very much - be aware Jeff!). They signed it and gave it back to me. I think the rest I'll just keep for myself. It was awfully nice of them to take a few minutes of their time to talk to the 3 (yes only 3) fans that were there. I, of course, was happy to actually meet them. I only wish I had remembered (AGAIN) to introduce myself in Japanese correctly... How stupid can I be to make the same mistake 2 times in a row.... Guess I was caught up in the moment and didn't think clearly (or at all!). Oh, well...

It really wasn't a big deal (for them!). They let me take 1 picture - which I'll keep to myself. They were nice. It's a nice memory and I feel like it should stay private. Nothing big anyway. Just I got to meet them.

West Hollywood Review by forum member CVC.
Posted on November 17, 2007.

I was at the Key Club gig last night and the big question everyone wants to know is, did they rock? In a word, hell yes! I've been lucky to have seen Puffy 4 times at the past L.A. performances so I was a bit skeptical about how the new band would sound. But after the first few songs I realized everything was cool. These guys are all true musicians and know their instruments well. The lead guitarist was definitely tearing it up. And Ami and Yumi sounded great as usual. Strong vocals and very happy and energetic. It's always very cute when they break out their notes to speak to us in English. Cuteness goes a long way.

The song selection was great. These girls have such a large catalog of great songs that obviously many songs that people may want to hear will be left out of the set. The new songs sound much heavier live. Great guitar licks and again some of these songs are very catchy. The Puffy Monster song was crunching. Great to hear Mole-Like live. Dig that guitar in the beginning. After they tore through Teen Titans someone yelled "This is not a cartoon, this is rock!" I couldn't agree more. Very well put.

Since I only live 20 minutes from Disneyland I'll be at their show tomorrow night as well. This time I might have to stand in front of the stage. Who wouldn't want Ami and Yumi standing over them shouting out rock lyrics inches from their face? It's almost time to rock again!

Anaheim Show
11/18/07 7:00PM House of Blues
1520 S. Disneyland Dr. Anaheim, CA
($22.50 ADV / $25.00 DOS)

Reviews by
Alkulp - Boykun - Tim - PUFFYROCKS - Dhcloud

Anaheim Review by forum member Alkulp.
Posted on November 20, 2007.

The first thing about this show I noticed (while standing outside with a "P.A.Y.World.com" sign) was that the crowd was strinkingly different from the L.A. show. I'd estimate 80% asian (japanese?). At the L.A. show I'd put asians in the minority (I'd estimate 30%). Plus there were a lot more people attending. Again, I'm guessing in the 400-500 range (about double that of Hollywood). House of Blue's was substantially larger than the Key Club and it was much more full. I don't think there was any seating, although it did look like some people were on stools near the bar along the side.

Since I had seen the show in Hollywood and since my main goal was to meet someone from this website I wasn't in a hurry to get a good 'seat'/location. Plus since seeing over most everyone isn't a problem (not being height challenged) I was content to stand near the entrance (stage right (Ami) near the back). I was hoping someone would say 'hello', but no one did. I did sort of get hit on by this Japanese women as the crowd was filing out - I think she wanted some attention... But, despite what the shirt said, I had other plans and wasn't really interested.

The show opened (unannouncedly) with Linus of Hollywood (just like L.A.), or as he put it "Linus of Anaheim - tonight". He played several of the same songs as the L.A. show, but then 'got the signal' - I could see some guy's hand just off stage left (Yumi) flash 5 fingers and Linus acknowledge without missing a beat in the current song. Before the next song, he said this would be the last of the night - Guess Puffy wanted an early ending tonight! One other note, Linus wasn't giving away his Album tonight, but they were for sale. Actually, I kind of wish I would have bought the other he had available... (oh, well)

I could tell there would be no 2nd act as 'Puffy the Monster' shirts quickly set about the stage affixing carpets, setting mics, etc.

First to come out was Jet (the drummer) followed shortly by the rest of the band... The crowd started screaming, clapping, and generally making noise. Then out come Ami and Yumi. Ami wearing a 'skeleton' T-shirt and Yumi with a pink baggy shirt with a big round silver spot on the front. Angus, one of the guitar players was wearing a 'beanie boy' cap (multicolor with a propeller on top). He was spinning it and having fun. They opened with Boom, Boom, beat followed by Tokyo I'm on my way... The girls were more active than on Friday. Guess a day off really helped. Or maybe, that is was the last show in N.A.... Buy everyon was really UP for the show!!! Angus was jumping like an olympic vaulter - that guy was getting some serious air! Shigowa, the other guitarist, was clearly having a good time - a huge smile on his face everytime he got to 'come up front and play for the crowd! He was really rockin' it! Ami and Yumi were all over the place and really seemed to be enjoying the crowd much more! Although I couldn't see the keyboardist, both the bass player and Jet (drums) seemed to be into the show also.

During their 'talks with the audience' Ami and Yumi said they had the day off yesterday and that they ate vietnamese food for lunch (got some cheers from the audience), and that they didn't get to go to Disneyland only arriving a few hours before the show. Ami said she bought 2 watches at the Disney store located just outside. Yumi didn't talk very much... Maybe she was trying to catch her breath, cause she was bounding around so much. Yumi really had the attitude tonight. Playing with the audience several times. Especially during the "Teen Titans" song. She was really proding us to sing the course. So cute out on the center stage with "You can do better - let me hear it!" look on her face. Oh yeah, and at the end of the Mogura dance Yumi and Ami made an "O (Yumi) C (Ami)" - for "Orange County". Many people probably missed it as it was really quick and noticable. One bad thing, it was difficult to hear Ami telling some of her 'tales' - so if anyone else heard what she said, please let us know.

There was no raising the level during this show... It was all out from the get-go and everyone seemed to really be enjoying it... It was grand Puffy. A good time had by all.

Anaheim Review by MySpace friend Boykun.
Posted on November 20, 2007. As requested here is his original link:

Commemorating their 10th studio album, "honeycreeper", Japan's forefront pop pair, the collective duo known as PUFFY, came over to the west coast for the November leg of their honeysweeper tour. Puffy AmiYumi, as they are known in the US, is no stranger to playing live shows in the West. After all, they had a damn cartoon show made after them. This attracted all kinds of fanss to the show, ranging from kids to older people, who were probably the parents of those kids. Sadly I wasn't too surprised when I saw this assemblage. I don't want to say it was a bad show, but I was quite disappointed at the experience and outcome.

The venue was the House of Blues Anaheim, located in Disneylandfs shopping district, Downtown Disney. I had the chance to cut the line by eating in the restaurant beforehand, and was among a small group of people who were let in the music hall a couple minutes early. This was their last show on the US tour, and I wish it could have been better for them. I had the perfect spot at the front, so what's wrong with me. Did PUFFY just suck that much? No. PUFFY was great. The crowd, however, was horrible. It was by far the worst crowd I have ever been a part of. Most of them only knew of PUFFY from the cartoon. It was what I was afraid of, the floor consisting of little kids and their parents. I expected a lot jumping, dancing, chanting, and maybe a little pushing, just like the usual PUFFY crowd. Instead, it was the opposite. There was no energy coming from the floor, save from the few people scattered around who actually knew their songs. The House of Blues did not permit any photography at all during the show, and that added with the lame audience got me kind of frustrated.

Despite all that crap, I enjoyed the performance, PUFFY put on a very good show. The band was great and the duo sang well. As the name implies, most of the songs were off the new album. The driving rhythm of "boom boom beat" started off the show to much of the crowd's delight, but they were soon lost in it's foreign sound and turned pretty static. Each block of songs were separated by a short MC, where the two would talk a little about their adventures as they read from their notes. I was quite surprised at how well Ami spoke English and literally said "Oh shit" as she started talking. Totally unexpected. Yumi wasn't as fluent, but she provided some funnies. They took turns reading from their notes and prompted some responses from the crowd. Not to mention, they both looked really good. For a pair who's in their thirties, they looked 18. I canft overlook their band either, those guys were working really hard to get the crowd involved, even more so than PUFFY themselves. The MC were followed by a track from the new album, featuring the popular "Kuchibiru Motion" and the oriental laden "Oriental Diamond". Among the set list were a few songs from the previous album, Splurge. Two of the roadies joined PUFFY on stage, readied with sunglasses, helmets, and Mickey gloves to help with the dance on "Mogura Like". The cover of Green Day's "Basket Case" rocked the hall as lights lit it with red. There was finally some pretty good crowd interaction as they introduced their band members during the break of the head bang inducing "Youkai PUFFY". The once stationary crowd finally let loose for the two songs they only knew, gHi Hih(from the cartoon) and the Teen Titans Theme. The mood was just right for the bouncy pop of gCloset Full of Loveh as the set winded down to itfs last few songs. Instant classics were included and I was happy to be doing the punching motions with gNagisa ni Matsuwaru Etosetorah and struggled to sing along on gAsia no Junshinh, their staple closing song. It took only two minutes for them to return for an encore, but only gave us one more song, despite a guy confidently suggesting them to do five. After one last song, the seven of them took time for a bow as the audience applauded a good show.

The merchandise sold pretty fast after the show, but I managed to grab a towel before it started. I didnft bother waiting around, but apparently some people got to have a little chat with Ami and Yumi. It was a good, solid performance. PUFFY were naturals on stage and are still going strong after 12 years. I still walked out of there pretty disappointed. They deserved a much better crowd than that. And screw the House of Blues with that no photography crap! I felt like I walked out of that show with nothing. But whatever, I finally got a towel, and I was really close. I would go see them again for sure, but in Japan.

Anaheim Review by forum member Timwamoonface.
Posted on November 20, 2007.

ANAHEIM was amazing. My second (and hopefully not last time) seeing PUFFY. I was bummed out that they didn't have honeycreeper available or the towels! I wanted those so bad! Despite that, i was able to pick up a honeysweeper shirt and keychains.

OH and I forgot to mention! It's not as good as Jeff's signed amiyumidas shirt but I caught the pick from the guitarist...forgot his name...he was on Yumi's side. I was also able to ask the soundstage people for the set list. They didn't understand me the first time, but I got it! Here are the songs they played at the Anaheim venue (and probably at the others):

boom boom beat

Tokyo I'm On My Way

Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etc.

Kuchiburu Motion

Joining a Fan Club

Teen Titans Theme

Mogura Like

Kimi to Ootobai

Radio Tokyo

Closet Full of Love

Youkai PUFFY

Oriental Diamond

Basket Case

Jet Police

Akai Buranko (Red Swing)

Hi Hi

Asia no Junshin

Encore: Sakitto no Musume

best night i've had in a long time! I loved it when the band members were putting up the West Coast gesture!!! Hilarious!

Anaheim Review by forum member PUFFYROCKS.
Posted on November 20, 2007.

I went there with my 2 friends who I were trying to introduce to Puffy AmiYumi. They enjoyed the show very much. No pictures but Ami was wearing black shirt with a skeleton on it and Yumi was wearing a very stylish loose pink shirt. I think I might've been too late but they didn't have honeycreeper on sale. Ami and Yumi were very lively. They were smiling a lot and dancing really good. I also think that their voices are a lot cuter live than in their videos or CD's. They were kind of boxing during electric beach fever, doing the mole dance, and showed their claws during Youkai puffy. My favorite performance was Youkai puffy because I liked the song and they were introducing the band members during the ami-yumi-ami-yumi part. True, the audience wasn't as rowdy as they should have been. Puffy deserves more but I blame the opening band. Cheesy I was cheering my butt off though. The best, funnest day of my life ever!!!!!!!!!!! I think Ami was looking at me a lot of the time Grin

Anaheim Review by forum member Dhcloud.
Posted on November 21, 2007.

I noticed that Puffy was going to be at the House of Blues on the HOB newsletter I get, and bought tickets as soon as they went on sale. I missed the last time they were on the west coast and was not going to miss it again. As I have a season pass to Disneyland, I decided to go early, park for free and get some shopping done for xmas before the show. I got in line about 6:30 and noticed the line was half full. By the time they were letting us in, the line was easily double what the roped queue could hold. I knew not to bring my camera, as last time I went to see them at the House of Blues on Sunset, they made me put in back in the car. This time they had a locked cabinet to hold them for you. But I still don't understand why they will not allow cameras. Video cameras and audio recorders, I can understand, but still cameras... Anyways, they started letting everyone in around 7:05 and the wait for the concert to start began.

My girlfriend and I opted for a spot on the left side against the outer railing. We were close enough, had something to lean against and didn't have to worry about someone tall standing in front of us. I browsed the merch table and seeing as all they had where the three US cds, I picked up the Honeysweeper shirt and the key covers. While waiting, I was looking at the schedules lying around and noticed that "Linus in Hollywood" was their opening act.

A little after 8, the curtains opened and Linus in Hollywood began to play. They stated that "they were Linus in Anaheim tonight". They played a mixture of slow stuff and a few upbeat songs, nothing that made me want to buy their cd, but decent. After what seemed like forever (knowing Puffy was coming up after made time seem forever) they announced their last song, thanked everyone and left the stage. It took about 10 minutes for Puffy's stage crew to clear Linus in Hollywood's instruments, bring out the guitars for Puffy's band, tune the guitars, tape down the rugs and bring out the mics. I noticed that the upstairs area was packed around the edge looking down and the 1st floor was packed as well.

As Puffy came on to a bunch of cheers, they started their set. Every couple songs they would pick up their notepads, talk with the crowd and introduce songs from their new album. The first thing I noticed is how much Ami's English has improved. They discussed things they did before the concert (ate Vietnamese food, Ami bought two watches at the World of Disney and showed off one of them on her wrist and stated that they did not have time to go to Disneyland). At first, most of the crowd was just watching, almost no interaction, dancing, head bobbing, singing except for the first row or so. It showed a bit that Yumi was trying hard to get some participation during the Teen Titan theme song and was getting pitiful results from the crowd, which made me think why are they even there if they aren't going to enjoy the music. However, I noticed that the crowd did become a little more animated after the Teen Titans song and as the show went on.

They ended with Asia no Junshin as usual and came out for an encore wearing the tour shirts as they have always done. Sadly they only played one song, even though they laughed when someone in the audience suggested 5 more songs.

The band was really having fun, and you can tell they were enjoying themselves up there. I had clear view of all, except the bass player, he was in and out of my view. The guitarist on Yumi's side was full of energy all night, jumping, kicking, just enjoying himself. He came out with a propeller hat and always ended up knocking it off anytime he tried to spin it. The guitarist on Ami's side did an excellent job. He was a great guitar player and just loved his solos, and the crowd did as well. The drummer was excellent as well, even added some vocals as well as doing a great job on the drums. The keyboardist was a bit of clown, from wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and playing with one hand to doing westside signs when being introduced. Overall, it was obvious that the band was having as much fun as they could up there.

Great concert, at the end they joked that the tour will continue in Japan and everyone should come and see them there as well. I was a little disappointed that there where no flyers for the tour there. As I like to keep the flyer and the tickets for all the concerts I have been to. Does anyone know if there are even flyers for this tour, I don't want to search eBay if they never were made. If not, I think there was an e-mail sent around with the Honeycreeper cover with the dates, I could just print that on gloss postcard stock and that would work.