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Grab yourself a Guinness or two and sing along with this soaring Irish folk song. Musical instruments include a banjo, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, accordion and fiddle. Chiba Yusuke from The Birthday wrote the words and music. Featured on the Honeycreeper CD.

Song sample (click controls and play)

  • Words & Music by Chiba Yusuke
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal & Background Vocals
  • Drums: Kawanishi JET (JET-KI)
  • Bass & Programming: Ueda Kenji
  • E.Guitar, Banjo, Irish Buzuk & Mandolin: Nishikawa Susumu
  • Accordion: Okuno Shinya (SOUL FLOWER UNION)
  • Fiddle: Kashima Shizuka (CHABA)
  • Background Vocals: Chiba Yusuke (The Birthday)
  • Arrangement by Ueda Kenji