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Angel of Love
Slow paced song from Nice.

English Translation

The meaning of innocence
I've been thinking about it since yesterday
I love you
What else could there be?

By your side, wishing and broken

Thoughts of love follow the wind into the blue sky
They go beyond reality and
We watch them disappearing

I love you
What else could there be?
Went on a trip
It was a very nice trip

Had a beautiful romance

(English translation from Lyric Wiki.)
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  • Words: Suzuki Shoko
  • Music: Andy Sturmer
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal, Harmony
  • Andy Sturmer: Guitars, Pipe Organ, Mellotron, Percussion, Vibraphone
  • John Fields: Bass
  • Chris James: Drums, Wurlitzer, Synthesized Blips and Bleep, Toy Piano, Chamberlin
  • Printz Board: Flagelhorn
  • Produced by Andy Sturmer