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Closet Full of Love
Butch Walker and Kara DioGuardi wrote the music and lyrics for this tightly flowing English track from the Honeycreeper CD.
The song was used for a 2007 commercial for Sony Walkman & Sony NET JUKE. Participants were able to download a remixed version of Closet Full of Love by the techno band Ryukyudisko.

The commercial is (or was) playing at YouTube.

In the music video Ami and Yumi sing, dance and take some pictures interspersed with video of odd bobbing head pictures. I don't know why there are bobbing head pictures - there just are.

According to the October 17th English blog at their official site: "If you're planning to come to the October 19th show at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall, you will have a chance to perform with Puffy!! Maybe even appear in a music video with them! All you have to do is take a picture on the 19th, at the special booth. Use this "Motion Portrait" (by taking one photo, the booth will make your face 3 dimensional) and your face may show up on the big screens during the concert!! And you might even be a part of their music video!?"

Closet Full of Love video Closet Full of Love video Closet Full of Love video Closet Full of Love video

The music video is (or was) playing at Veoh and YouTube.
Song sample (click controls and play)

  • Words: Butch Walker
  • Music: Kara DioGuardi
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal
  • Drums: Darren Dodd
  • Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming and Background Vocals: Butch Walker
  • Produced by Butch Walker
English Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh

I'm the kinda girl who likes to run away
From everything that's good that ever comes her way
But you, you make me different
No you make me stay
You impress me when you tell me not to be afraid

Most people
They just don't dig deep enough
They only see what they wanna see
Not the real stuff

But I got drawers full of anger
Boxes full of highs
And all of my unhappiness is buried alive
I got bags full of energy to bring me to life
There's a closet full of love
Closet full of love for someone to find
For someone to find (all except 1st time)

All I really want is a good hand to hold
Someone to call my own
Someone to fill the holes
You could kill the emptiness that's in my soul
Not knowing if I'm always going to be alone

Most people wanna leave when it gets rough
They only see what they wanna see
Not the real stuff

Ooh ooh ooh oohhahah

So much is hidden inside
The black and white of my life
Maybe you're the one to find my