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Hasan Jauze
Mashima Masatoshi of the Blue Hearts wrote the words and music to this throwback to Puffy's older sound. Featured on the Honeycreeper CD. Puffy's longtime drummer Furuta Takashi scores a credit for producing and arrangement.

Translation Note: This title is a bit of a mystery. My friend Satomi thinks it's from "Hasamu" which means to hold or pinch something between two things. So one translation would be to hug or squeeze tightly.

Song sample (click controls and play)

  • Words & Music by Mashima Masatoshi
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal
  • Drums and Guitar: Furuta Takashi
  • Bass & Programming: Kinoshita Hiroharu
  • Guitars: Naka Shigeo (The Surf Coasters)
  • Keyboards: Ito Mikio
  • Produced and Arranged by Furuta Takashi