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Kimi to Autobike
Chiba Yusuke from the The Birthday wrote the words and music to this fast faced and somewhat nostalgic tune from the Honeycreeper CD. "Tu Tu Tu Lu Tu Tu Tu Tu Lu Lu ~"

Translation Note: "Kimi" is a familiar way to refer to a male and "Ootobai" (Literally: Auto-bi) means "motorcycle" so the translation would be something like "Man and Motorcycle."

Song sample (click controls and play)

  • Words & Music by Chiba Yusuke
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal & Background Vocals
  • Drums: Nakamura Tatsuya
  • Guitar: Nishiwaka Susumu
  • Guitar: Naoki (SA)
  • Organ & Synthesizer: Okuno Shinya (SOUL FLOWER UNION)
  • Arranged by Ueda Kenji