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Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV
(Oh Edo Rocket IV)
Oh! Edo Rocket Puffy teams up with Anders Hellgren and David Myhr of the Merrymakers to record the opening theme to the 2007 animated series Oh Edo Rocket. It was released as a single in Japan with Boom Boom Beat and Kimi ga Suki on July 18, 2007. It can be ordered at CD Japan and Yes Asia. The song was also featured on the album Honeycreeper.

In an interview with Andrew (your webmaster) David said: "Oedo Nagareboshi IV is a funny simple melody that was first recorded as a studio project for some talented young musicians at the "studio musicians programme" at the School of Music in Pite in the north of Sweden where both me and Anders sometimes work as guest producers."

"I said to the students (with Puffy in mind) "Imagine this as a pop song for two Japanese girls" and I started to sing this little composition in a furious tempo with a high-pitched voice. They looked at each other thinking "what's wrong with this guy...?" Anyway it went well and me and Anders are delighted to see that it went on to be used for this animated series. It looks really great with the animations!"

YouTube has (or had) the show's credits with the song playing:

Song sample (click controls and play)

  • Words by Pierre Taki
  • Music by Anders Hellgren & David Myhr
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocals and Background Vocals
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano, Organ & Backing Vocals: David Myhr
  • Tiny Piano: Anders Hellgren
  • Additional Vocals & Handclaps: Emelie Irewald
  • Electric Guitar: Niklas Thelin
  • Synthesizer, Piano, Organ & Handclaps: Rose-Marie Johansson
  • Bass & Handclaps: Jonas Lindberg
  • Drums, Tambourine & Handclaps: Simon Wilhelmsson
  • Handclaps: Jonas Sundqvist
  • Produced by Anders Hellgren & David Myhr