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Oriental Diamond
Oriental Diamond single cover - click for larger picture Tamio Okuda and Yosui Inoue, who co-wrote Puffy's first single Asia no Junshin (True Asia), team up again eleven years later for this song.

Oriental Diamond was featured on the September 5th, 2007 single along with Kuchibiru Motion and Neji Potion. It was also featured on the Honeycreeper CD. The single can be ordered from CD Japan and YesAsia.

On her September 9th Amigator blog Ami said: "Oriental Diamond makes you feel like 'Here Puffy comes!' doesn't it? Even I was like 'Wow!' already in the rehearsal. Mr.Tamio and Mr.Yosui are both so fantastic! That's what I felt."
(Thanks Mikachi and friends for translation help.)

ANA ad - click for larger image Oriental Diamond was used as the 20th anniversary theme song for ANA airlines. The website has (or had) a brief interview with Puffy while the song plays here.

Tamio Okuda recorded his own version of Oriental Diamond for his single "Mugen no Kaze" available at CD Japan where you can (or could) listen to a 35 second sample of the song (text is in Japanese - its the 3rd track listing).

In the music video Ami and Yumi don their best Panda headgear and stroll down a Tokyo street. Highlights include some Panda inspired martial arts. The music video is (or was) playing on Puffy's Official MySpace page under the "WATCH NEWEST MUSIC VIDEOS" section. It also is (or was) playing at Veoh and YouTube.

Oriental Diamond video Oriental Diamond video Oriental Diamond video Oriental Diamond video
Song sample (click controls and play)

  • Words: Inoue Yosui
  • Music: Tamio Okuda
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal & Dora
  • Drums: Furuta Takashi
  • Bass & Sitar: Negishi Takamune
  • Guitars, Vocoder & Background Vocals: Tamio Okuda
  • Keyboards & Glockenspiel: Saito Yuta
  • Produced by Tamio Okuda