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So Long Zero
Breakup song from 59 using the same music as Friends Forever.

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  • Words & Music: Andy Sturmer
  • Puffy AmiYumi: Vocal, Harmony
  • Andy Sturmer: Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard
  • John Fields: Guitars, Keyboard
  • Ami Onuki: Guitar Solo
  • Mixed by John Fields
  • Produced by Andy Sturmer
English Lyrics

You thought tonight
You'd have me all figured out
Once again your trusting fool
Lost in your eyes I'd miss the lies
Just like before
Well dude it's time you went to school

I've been on to you
From nearly the start
Your every empty lame excuse
Under your thumb I'm not that dumb
So hit the bricks
Go find another girl
That you make lovesick

So long zero
I'm going solo
So long zero
With you I'm better off alone

Did you really think
I took it so bad
That night I caught you with that girl
No big surprise you aren't that sly
The way you play
You never thought for once
I'd leave you someday

So long zero
I'm going solo
So long zero
Now things are better

Your world's a house of mirrors
It's a bit much
Just like your smooth apologizing

You never had me going
With all that stuff
Thank God it's gone forever
Means nothing whatsoever now

So long zero
I'm going solo
So long zero
I'm going solo