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Puffy News Flash
New "My Story" Picture
Picture for new single
For the full size click here.

Puffy News Flash
Puffy on cover of "Soup Cruise"
Puffy at Soup Cruise
On the back: their Yamaha ad!

Puffy News Flash
Puffy to play "Bent Beat Special 08"
Puffy at Pent Web
Check it out at Bent Web.

Puffy News Flash
Puffy Sony Commercial
Closet Full of Love in CM
Check it out at YouTube.

Puffy News Flash
Puffy on cover of In Red
In Red
Check it out at In Red.

Puffy News Flash
Puffy song in new commercial
Check it out at Lavshuca.

New  Original Interview
With Linus of Hollywood
Linus of Hollywood
Read what Linus had to say here.

New  Feature Spotlight
The Honeysweeper Reviews are in!

Read all 16 fan reviews here.

Fan Art Spotlight
Brandon's Puffy Deconstruction
Brandons's Hit Parade deconstruction
Checkout the larger picture here.

Fansite Spotlight
Anthony's Peace.Pop.Puffy

Checkout his redesigned site here.

Feature Spotlight
Honeysweeper Discussion Board

Talk about the tour at the Forum.

Music Video Spotlight
Puffy and the Hit & Run All Stars

Checkout the video at YouTube.

Fan Art Spotlight
Forum Member Jinmouri

Checkout his Halloween art.

Fan Art Spotlight
John Farallo at DeviantArt.com

Checkout his new Wallpaper here.

New  Feature Spotlight
Puffypedia: the Puffy encyclopedia

Discover and contribute here.

New  Song Finder Video
Honeycreeper & the B-sides

Watch the new video here.

New  Puffy Trivia Game
Know Your Honeycreeper

Play the new Puffy Game here.

Forum Up and Running
Puffy AmiYumi World has a forum

Join the discussion today here.

Webmaster Update
This website has a new mascot

Say hello to Boomer.

Feature Spotlight
Puffy AmiYumi Trivia Games

Play all three games here.

Note: There were about ten Feature Spotlights that weren't saved prior to these.

- Old Updates -

Crab Bubbles A cover version of Puffy's song Boom Boom Beat has been recorded by the American and Japanese duo the Crab Bubbles. The duo is composed of Dale and Chiha Richards. Dale grew up in the US while his wife Chiha grew up in Fukuoka, Japan. They currently live in Arizona.

The two were kind enough to give me an interview on April 7th for J-Pop World. Read what they had to say about Puffy here.

Puffy AmiYumi World joins J-Pop World.

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this website such a success. The wonderful emails and comments have helped to keep it going and I intend to update and add features for as long as our favorite Japanese duo are together.

I'm happy to announce that Puffy AmiYumi World will be the flagship for a new website called J-Pop World. There are already several excellent Japanese music websites out there but J-Pop World will be something unique. Rather than providing a small amount of info and news on dozens of different groups J-Pop World will provide lots of info and interactive features on a few featured artists.

Puffy AmiYumi World will remain at puffyamiyumiworld.com and the only changes you'll see here will be some navigation links. Hope everyone enjoys and supports the new site as well.

Fan Art Spotlight
John Farallo has new drawings.
Promises by John Farallo
Check it out at Deviant Art.

Website Spotlight
A new kind of J-pop site.
J-Pop World
Check it out at J-Pop World.

Yumi Yoshimura's Birthday Card
For Yumi's 33rd Birthday on January 30, 2008 the gang at the Puffy AmiYumi World Forum created a group Birthday Card. See this thread for more details.

Click here for the full size version: 826k (1000 by 674 pixels).
Click here for the web-friendly version: 181k (800 by 539).

The Puffy Essay Contest Winner is: Ichigo!
Congratulations to MySpace friend Ichigo for his winning essay "Why I like Puffy AmiYumi." He won Puffy's first five CDs: AmiYumi, SoloSolo, Jet, Fever-Fever and Spike and as an added bonus the single "Blue Tears" (Aoi Namida). See this page for more details.

Puffy AmiYumi Christmas Card Contest
Neiji Pooshon's Puffy Christmas Congratulations to Neiji Pooshon, winner of our contest. Thanks to everyone for helping to spread some holiday cheer. You can see all the entries at the fan art page.

Three Cheers for forum member DoAsPuffy for making our new banner. See this forum thread for more details if you want to make us another.

According to the December 5th Alexa internet traffic rankings Puffy AmiYum World gets more traffic than Puffy's official English site. For more info see my blog.
Global915,503 698,037

Song Finder Video: 5 (Honeycreeper & the B-sides)   I've finished the last of five videos with short samples of Puffy's songs. Check it out.

November - Forum Archive started.
  • DoAsPuffy and PuffyRocks make some new forum banners.
  • 16 Honeysweeper Reviews posted on our forum or sent to my MySpace page archived in one place.

    Know Your Honeycreeper:  Puffy's new album Honeycreeper was released in Japan on September 26th, 2007. Let's see how much you know about its music and the people behind it. Good luck! Ganbatte!

    Puffypedia:  An encyclopedia of Puffy's people, places and things. It will get much bigger. Join the forum if you want to become a contributor.

    October - Puffypedia:  An online Puffy encyclopedia.
  • New Song Finder Video Honeycreeper & the B-sides.
  • Andrew's full review of Honeycreeper.

    September - Song samples and credits for Honeycreeper.
  • New Puffy Game: Know Your Honeycreeper.
  • Puffy AmiYumi World Forum: a discussion board for Puffy AmiYumi fans is up and running.
  • Official Mascot chosen for Puffy AmiYumi World.

    August - New biographies for Yosui Inoue, Mashima Masatoshi and Yamanaka Sawao.
  • New feature in Puffy Games: Puffy Picture Challenge.
  • Lyrics and English translation for Boom Boom Beat.
  • Part One of a longer Puffy Biography.
  • Interview with Butch Walker.
  • Song pages for the upcoming Honeycreeper CD: Ain't Gonna Cut It, Kimi to Ootobai, Hayai Kuruma (Fast Car), Sayonara Summer, Youkai Puffy (Ghost Puffy), Closet Full of Love, Hasan Jauze, Complaint, Island and Neji Pooshon.
  • New feature on the DVD page:  Spike Daisakusen.

    Official Mascot chosen for Puffy AmiYumi World.

    Puffy Picture Challenge: So you can tell Ami from Yumi. But let's see if you can guess where ten of Puffy's many pictures came from in the Puffy Picture Challenge.

    Name that Puffy Tune: Trivia is fun, but we love Puffy for their music. Let's see how well you know your Puffy tunes.

    Puffy Trivia Challenge: Think you know Puffy? Take the Puffy Trivia Challenge and test your Puffy Knowledge.

    July - Puffy AmiYumi World gets a major redesign. Firefox and Netscape browsers should work better.
  • Merrymakers Interview with Anders Hellgren & David Myhr.
  • New song pages for Boom Boom Beat, Hito Natsu no Keiken, Kimi ga Suki, Lucy wa Moon Face Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV, Peace, Puffy na Ohirune, Puffy no Tsuaamen, Sekai no Hajikko, Umi no Sei and Yuki ga Furu Machi.

    June - New song page for Angel Wink.
  • New Images page feature:  Puffy Wallpapers.
  • New feature on the DVD page:  Clips DVD.
  • Screenshots and info on the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show DVDs Let's Go! and Rock Forever!

    Note: There were several months of News Updates prior to these that weren't saved.

    - Old Puffy News Flashes -

    Puffy News Flash
    Puffy on cover of Shojo Beat
    Shojo Beat
    Checkout the Jan. 15th edition.

    Puffy News Flash
    "Closet Full of Love" Music Video
    Closet Full of Love video
    Watch it at YouTube or Veoh.

    Puffy News Flash
    US/Canada Tour has finished
    Puffy to play five West Coast shows in November
    Final show: Nov. 18 Anaheim

    Possible US Tour
    Puffy to play in LA on 11-16-07

    US tour or single show?

    Note: There were about ten Puffy News Flashes that weren't saved prior to these.